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Extract(s) is looking for submissions for our poems, stories, and book reviews, as well as excerpts from upcoming novels, memoirs, and poetry and story collections. We take submissions via our online submission manager only. We do accept simultaneous submissions, as long as we are notified immediately of acceptance elsewhere. We do not accept previously published work for the Poetry and Prose features. We will use previously published pieces in the Excerpt feature.

Payment is publication on the site. Rights return to the author after publication.

What do we like?

Read the blog. Sincerely, it is the best way to figure out if your work will excite us. It is tough to summarize what we like, and we know you are tired of the answer “great writing” (or something similar).

What we don’t publish

  • It is rare for us to accept work that includes graphic depictions of sex, violence, religion or politics.
  • It is rare for us to publish very long poems or those with non-traditional formatting.
  • We have a bias against the over-use of adverbs and gerunds.
  • We respect, a great deal, those who write and publish poems in traditional forms, but we don’t often publish them (unless it is a drop-dead gorgeous villanelle , sestina, or pantoum).

Guidelines for Submission


Please submit up to five (5) unpublished poems. We are looking for smart, fresh,well-crafted pieces to consider. If you took a look through our personal poetry collection you would find writers who challenge us, who move us, and who we cannot help but share with others. Do you think you have a poem that will take off the top of our head? Submit now! Our submission period is always open, but please wait at least six months before sending another.


Please submit one unpublished short story (fiction or non-fiction) of no more than 1,500 words. We are looking for fresh, well-crafted stories that make us cry and laugh and think. We want to be moved in some fundamental way in as few words as possible. Our readers should carry your characters with them as they go about the rest of their day—or longer.

Book Reviews

Please submit a 500-1,000-word review of a book recently (within the past 12 months) published by an independent press. See the online submission manager for full guidelines.


Please submit no more than 1,500 words of prose and three poems from a book that has been published in the past three months or will be published in the coming weeks/months/year. We accept excerpts from independent publishers and writers who have titles with independent presses. The pieces in the excerpts can be previously published (we will acknowledge the original publishing magazine/journal/site).

18 Responses to “Submit to Extract(s)”
  1. Mandy says:

    Do you consider photos previously on facebook self-published?

  2. Allie Marini Batts says:

    I hate waiting to submit work again. Just sayin’. :P

  3. tanya says:

    hey, if a work has been acccepted here do we still have to wait for six months or can we submit again some new stuff?

    • You can submit new stuff in a different category any time and we’ll consider it right away. If we’ve published you before, we’d like to give other folks a shot (hence the six month thing) but if we really love it, we’ll publish it.

  4. samanthamemi says:

    If an author’s original work has been published here, will a work she has translated be considered as her work, so she will have to wait 6 months, or a work by the original author, and therefore exempt from the 6 month rule.

  5. whaaat? you don’t like gerunds?! sigh.

  6. David Nees says:

    Do you accept multiple submissions? Referring to excerpts from a novel.

  7. Dave Wisker says:

    To whom do I submit a withdrawal of a story for consideration? My short story “The Weight of Events” has been accepted for publication elsewhere (yahoo!)

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