Excerpt: John Michael Cummings

From Don’t Forget Me, Bro I was off for West Virginia in a purple Mercury Grand Marquis, apparently the only rental car left in south Park Slope late on a Saturday in spring. As I pulled down Sixth Avenue, the sun was falling between the black rooftops, casting an omen on my journey home. Was … Continue reading


Meet Our New Team!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our expanded editorial team! They are waiting to read your stories and poems. Refer to the submission guidelines for all the details and then make your way over to our online submission manager! Prose Editors Renee Mallett Jackson Shultz Poetry Editors Annmarie O’Connell Donna Vorreyer Assistant Poetry Editor … Continue reading


Book Review: The Roadkill Collection by Jon Sindell

by Amy Willoughby-Burle The Roadkill Collection By Jon Sindell Big Table Publishing. 107 pp. $14.00 We’re told not to judge a book by the cover, but let’s face it—we all do. It’s like that first glance across a crowded room, you do a double take, you make your move—then, well, you know how it goes … Continue reading


Poem: Alex Stolis

Stillhet; Cisza; Silenzio You show me your scars, one for each sin. I trace them make them my own. There is no moon, no street sounds and sunrise is a story, fragile and green. You tell me about going to Warsaw alone for seven days. How it was hot and black. How you walked all … Continue reading


Three Questions: Kelsie Hahn

We featured an excerpt from Kelsie Hahn’s Responsibility (winner of the Lit House Press prose contest) last summer. She lives in Houston with her husband, Stephen Cleboski, and various pets. Her fiction has appeared in Barrelhouse, The Southeast Review, Caketrain, NANO Fiction, Matchbook, Everyday Genius, NonBinary Review, and others. She holds an MFA in Fiction from … Continue reading


Excerpt: Merie Kirby

From The Dog Runs On Ashes, ashes She comes into the kitchen, top-knotted hair, chocolate-marked shirt, and pulls at my hands until we circle. She chants ring rosie, ring rosie, until I start to sing the rhyme she wants to hear. A posy is a small bunch of flowers, meant to protect you. They don’t … Continue reading


Story: John E. Keats

A Part I watched the brunette’s pale breast escape from the vertical pressure of a clinging, turquoise strip. A high sun scalded the concrete and the crowd surrounding my apartment complex’s pool. Most of us were stuck to slimy cushions on slatted, wooden recliners. Children splashed in the water. Adults swam quivering laps. The exposed … Continue reading


Poem: Dylan Crawford

Wood Division I. I pull over and step into the flame of New Mexico’s summer, into a white canvas sky that scatters clouds of lace across the angry face of the eastern horizon. The distance shimmers. Small stones are brittle under my boots, angry beetles pressed for shade. Slow fade before a last glance and … Continue reading

Three Questions: Marion Deutsche Cohen

We featured an excerpt from Marion Deutsche Cohen’s Sizes Only Slightly Distinct (Green Fuse Press) last summer. She is the author of 23 books, including the memoir, Still the End: Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife and its prequel, Dirty Details: The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse. She teaches math and writing at … Continue reading


Excerpt: Meg Johnson

From Inappropriate Sleepover Timber!* I’m a Victorian cowgirl with a clicking jaw. I don’t wear sweatpants with the word TROUBLE printed on the ass because that would be redundant. This is where I up the ante by writing something even more offensive like I’m so hot I could impregnate myself. Somehow, even without the TROUBLE … Continue reading


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