Story: Kate Greathead

One Woman’s Trash It was one of those breakups where all your stuff ends up in trash bags, you have five minutes to find a new apartment, and once you do, the last thing you want to do is unpack those trash bags—they contain a lot of raw feelings. Call me emotionally lethargic, I let … Continue reading


Poem: Ferenc Apagyi

Awkward-sphere she always wakes up before me the thread-esque night breaks away in her eyes the naked silhouettes of her enmesh in the geometry of the room objects recoil because of the sudden touch of pheromones watching in a pubescent disgust as she is gathering up her clothes and bends her steps toward the bathroom … Continue reading


Excerpt: Meg Eden

From A Week with Beijing Beijing and I Meet For the First Time When I first met Beijing, she said, What’re you doing here? It’s not the Olympics yet. I tried to tell her I was here to see her country, to get away from my home, but she tried to sell me bootleg plushes … Continue reading


Story: Amy Friedman

Two Kids, One Burning Stone After a bit of coughing, some surely genuine and some perhaps feigned to make the experience seem worse than it was for his 12-year-old son, my father turned the cigarette around and handed it to my brother filter first. “Put it to your lips, suck in some smoke, and breathe … Continue reading


Poem: Desirée Jung

Probabilities The thickness of the diesel oil on my skin. If washed, hands will change color, become blue. The gas station has reprints of perfect bodies. In the concrete sidewalks, the water runs through the cracks. Sometimes the watchman paces like a cat, making irking sounds. Forty-five minutes is a long time in animal years. … Continue reading


Story: Rebeka Singer

About An Iguana Dad went on a road trip. Said he was headed south, destination Florida, so he could lie on the beach and just relax. He had been retired, (as he liked to put it), but just plain unemployed, for nearly ten years. He spent his days smoking pot, gambling at the casino, and … Continue reading


Poem: Sandra Kolankiewicz

Round Up Ready The black and white long-haired cat in the tree believes he’s a sparrow. At least that’s what my neighbor tells me this morning, and that his hens aren’t laying in their coop, their feed rich but producing nothing in them. His herbicide jug with its efficient pump sits on his back porch … Continue reading


Three Questions: Mathieu Cailler

We excerpted Mathieu Cailler‘s new chapbook, Clothelines (Red Bird Press) during the summer. A graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts, his work has been published in numerous national and international literary journals, including Ardor, Epiphany, and The Saturday Evening Post. He has been named a finalist for the Glimmer Train New Writers Award and the New Rivers Press American Fiction Prize, as … Continue reading


Excerpt: Michelle Bailat-Jones

From Fog Island Mountains The day ticks along, morning has passed on into afternoon, and now we are moving closer to evening and somewhere out over the ocean the winds have started pressing the storm toward us, we can feel it if we pay attention, a thickening in the air, a smell of heavy rain, … Continue reading


Story: Thomas Kearnes

A Failed Story About My Father It’s almost midnight and Canton is such a small-time, out-of-time shitkicker town, there’s only one store open close to the hotel. I trudge through the overgrown lawn bordering the hotel parking lot and make my way toward one of those stores that’s one-half gas station and one-half fast food … Continue reading


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