Excerpt: Karen Paul Holmes

From Untying the Knot Prelude In her head, she practices diligently, ideas brewing like a Brahms symphony but creativity often misses its cue. It breaks out in short Prokofiev notes (now sonorous, now dissonant), then fades like the harmonics of a chord. She senses overtones of something triumphant: the heralding of Mahler’s French horns or … Continue reading


Story: Katie Martin

Checking-In My mother and I drove west from Phoenix all night, rolling down the windows so the July desert air could pummel our faces and knot our hair. We played a Liza Minnelli CD and sang so loud that our pinched voices smothered her contralto one. We turned off the radio and listened to the … Continue reading


Film: Zach Benard

Zach Benard is a contributing editor for ThatLitSite and a college student currently studying Visual Media Production. He is also a filmmaker, writer, and photographer from Massachusetts. He is the creator of several short films and music videos and he has written numerous poems and short stories.


Poem: Tamer Mostafa

Letter to Lucy Corin When I was younger, I remember hearing stories about racism (and I’ve understood since the attacks that racism is just twisting a pressure valve), and I remember conditioning myself to absorb the abuse as some form of pity, to see the treatment as proof of my existence, a recessive nerve captivated … Continue reading


Three Questions: Kelly DuMar

We featured an excerpt from Kelly Dumar’s All These Cures (winner of the Lit House Press poetry contest) last fall. She is a poet, playwright, and writing workshop facilitator who believes storytelling, in all its forms, changes lives and often saves them. She has presented workshops at a number of festivals and conferences, and is … Continue reading


Excerpt: Sandra Marchetti

From Confluence Peninsula A washed ring of sounds, rocks glazed with boat music. Clouds soot the forests in delicate black salt. A dead fish—bass or bluegill— is half-gone back to the rocks and beyond, lies no-eyed on the shoreline. Its extant others—us in canoes and kayaks— merge to the white strait horizon and wish to … Continue reading


Story: Desmond Webster

Game of Life The leadership style of a man is as distinctive as his fingerprint, and my grandfather dealt with absolutes: you did what you said, and said what you did; the sun always rose in the east; and tobacco should be smoked only in a pipe and never rolled in a cigarette. My grandfather … Continue reading


Three Questions: Sara Lefsyk

We’ve been lucky to feature excerpts from Sara Lefsyk’s the christ hairnet fish library and A Small Man Looked At Me . She has previous work in such places as The New Orleans Review, Bateau, Dear Sir, Phoebe, and The Greensboro Review among others. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Your poems are like stories from … Continue reading


Poem: Greta Hayer

Love Potion You watch her dance around the kitchen, the rhythm in her hips and hands. She is something between a witch and an alchemist; spices swirl in a cauldron, while egg yolks glisten like molten gold. She dances, pinching myrtle and coriander into the steaming pot. Adding a splash of her best wine and … Continue reading


Excerpt: Jen Karetnick

From Brie Season Farm Share “I remember breaking beans,” says Theresa, come to collect her portion of organically raised agriculture – Chinese kale this week, and Japanese shiitake mushrooms. Ruth recalls peeling apples as she tucks away her just-laid eggs; Anne-Britt cracked nuts In her native Sweden; Colleen hulled strawberries and picked mint. For myself, … Continue reading


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