Three Questions: Alex Stolis

Alex Stolis is a frequent Extract(s) contributor. Most recently we featured an excerpt from his latest chapbook, Justice for All,  collaborative pieces with Susan Solomon from their chapbook A Cabal of Angels, and some sections of his long poem “Imagine that world; the one without an alphabet.”  He has a number of books forthcoming including, … Continue reading


Excerpt: Mathieu Cailler

From Clotheslines Clotheslines On the hot summer day the girl helps her mother with the laundry Plucks soggy clothes from the basket— weighty and full Stands on her tippy toes and flings jeans over the string She loves the indigo blue of her dad’s denim and the whisper white of her mother’s nightgown It’s like … Continue reading


We Want Your Stories

Extract(s) is always looking for great stories to share with our readers. We admit, we are are pretty tough when it comes to accepting work, but if you have something you believe matches up with what we love, let us have a look! Our word limit for stories–fiction, personal essay, and creative non-fiction–is 1,500 words. … Continue reading


Mid-Week Feature: Elizabeth Mastrangelo

Reclamation: A Prose Poetry Filmscript inspired by Gregory Crewdson photography   Elizabeth Mastrangelo’s main trade is teaching English to ninth- and eleventh-graders at an all-boys prep school. At night, she attends Emerson College’s MFA program in Creative Writing as a Dean’s Fellow. Liz freelances in her free time, ghostwriting romance novellas and website copy. She … Continue reading


Poem: Rose Hunter

[dust] when i went with him to the plaza of the snail and we ate ice cream under a plastic leaf next to one of those garbage boxes in one of those cordoned off lounges just over from the food court. the lights were dim and i choked for the second time that day and … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: Dillon J. Welch

Our seventh episode of the In Place Podcast features Dillon J. Welch’s recent set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Dillon was one of the first poets we featured on Extract(s) after Jenn heard him read at an open mic in Newmarket, NH. He was an undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire … Continue reading


Excerpt: Marc J. Frazier

From After Ancestry She stares for months, sits on the porch steps crying. He cannot trust her hands on me. Charged like a battery, pumped with insulin, she dangles a trembling rosary. She is not the woman he knows, but he prepares to love her. Returned home, relatives bring casseroles, ham; her still hands—twins in … Continue reading


Story: Samantha Stier

Portraits Together we look at other people’s portraits. We love self-portraits, especially those by Renoir, who is a master at capturing his inner essence. Our favorite self-portrait is by Norman Rockwell. We like the self-reflexive nature of that one. We like how we become part of the piece just by looking at it. We like … Continue reading


Mid-Week Feature: Kenneth Pobo & Stacy Esch

from When the Light Turns Green Sometimes Loneliness Can’t Be Cured You wake up, head for school where you learn you’re not human, that you can be tortured easily, minute by minute, teachers in on the joke as they turn away, a few joining in. Mom and dad see how withdrawn you’ve become. Mom prays. … Continue reading


Poem: Lori DeSanti

Shadow of a Summer Orange An orange fills the whole of my palm, resting gently across my lifelines; my fingers grip its rind, shape its bowed edges. I hold it toward the sky and align it before the sun, squeeze one eye shut and pretend I am holding the earth. I watch it eclipse the … Continue reading


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