Poem: Laurie Kolp

Invasion Even nests die, through winter’s barren limbs appear as brown spots, sores a burden to course eyes. Abnormal in the current flow of things, the stems like veins disrupt dormancy– the tumors in your brain. Texas native Laurie Kolp, author of Upon the Blue Couch (Winter Goose Publishing, 2014), serves as president of Texas … Continue reading


Three Questions: Michelle Bailat-Jones

We featured an excerpt from Michelle Bailat-Jones‘ novel Fog Island Mountains (2014, Tantor Medida) last fall. Her fiction, poetry, translations, and criticism have appeared in a number of journals, including The Kenyon Review, The Rumpus, The View from Here, Hayden’s Ferry Review, the Quarterly Conversation, PANK, Spolia Mag, Two Serious Ladies, Cerise Pressand The Atticus Review. In 2013, her … Continue reading


Excerpt: Ace Boggess

From The Prisoners “Why Would Anybody Be Bad?” —Kurt Vonnegut, Jailbird Grit or bone, it’s all just meat in the mouth. Maybe you have to pick the lock, maybe steal a loaf from the baker’s window (how honeydewed that fresh bread tastes to the nostrils, to the fingertips). Not like you haven’t tried it, sniffed … Continue reading


Story: Renee G. Rivers

What’s in a Name? “How will you take his name and continue to teach? Teaching in the inner city is hard enough without dealing with that name.” Mom was right, but there were a lot of balls to juggle: finishing graduate school, finalizing the house deal, planning the wedding, interviewing for jobs, and yes, rearing … Continue reading


Poem: Lauren Gordon

Last Summer I Found God in the River what clings, what stays the noise we make in ink the lightning fields magnified by glass floods bright grass fiddled bare feet to kiss his feet to know gospel, to really know it I had to run Lauren Gordon is the author of  Meaningful Fingers (Finishing Line … Continue reading


Excerpt: Tayve Neese

From Blood to Fruit Coyote 1 Muzzle lifted, what she sniffs out is this broken world—pierces its jugular to see if it still gives pulse. What she knows is trapped in her throat and if she spoke, you would turn into the alder whose branches snapped, unable to bear weight of ice and light. 2 … Continue reading


Story: Kristen MacKenzie

Ting One thought of the flavor, and my tongue is a terrain that doesn’t fit human dimension; it’s the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Sahara Desert poised at that moment when the first rain starts to fall, soil prickling, heat shimmering, thirsty. It’s summer 1996, and I’m in Jamaica beginning a marriage that would match the … Continue reading


Your Book Review Here!

Our new Book Review feature is looking for books to review! With the addition Maggie Trapp to the Extract(s) team as our poetry reviewer, we are ready to receive your suggested titles for review. Email us for all the details on how to get a review copy of your new book (or a new book … Continue reading


Poem: Jason Brightwell

The Jellyfish A blood red explosion baked brown on the highway; the abstract bell of a meandering jelly. Her thicket of wispy tentacles trail after passing cars, and fade in to the depths of a pavement sea. Roadside, in scavenger’s company a deer, crumpled into herself, long dead, becomes an artist. Jason Brightwell lives in … Continue reading


Three Questions: Lisa Mangini

We featured an excerpt from Lisa Mangini’s Bird Watching at the End of the World (Cherry Grove Collections) last fall. She holds an MFA from Southern Connecticut State University and also is the author of two poetry chapbooks and a fiction chapbook, all released in 2014. Her work can be found in Weave, 100 Word … Continue reading


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