In Place Podcast: Christopher Locke

Please note this is NSFW and not appropriate for children. This fourth episode of the In Place Podcast gives you a glimpse inside the Second Sunday Reading Series hosted by Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA and features writer Christopher Locke. Last year we shared an excerpt from his collection Waiting for Grace and … Continue reading


Poem: Ateet Tuli

I’ve Made Ice Cream from the roses you sent. I’m savoring sugary petals and the bee spit brings unexpected happiness. Your eyelashes: dandelion thistles taxied for takeoff. A slight cold made your nose drip like an overripe pear. I saw you reading, looked around at the rest of the subway car to see if anyone … Continue reading


Excerpt: Russ Woods

From Wolf Doctors The Play Where I Was A Very Old House You Lived In When we left the opening of the play we saw where I was an old house you lived in, we both agreed it wasn’t very good. You looked beautiful, in your linen dress, and my hair was perfect, and fit … Continue reading


Story: Victor D. Infante

From the forthcoming novel Why We Should Suffer For This Seven 17, the letter X streaked in black marker on the back of each of my hands. The music is loud and distorted. My head is static. I stop listening for nuance and just allow my bones to rattle. I ignore my ears entirely, and … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: Daniel Nester

This third episode of the In Place Podcast returns us to Worcester, MA and inside the House of Paine Poetry Salon #4. The event is hosted by poets Victor Infante and Lea Deschenes in their living room. Today it’s feature Daniel Nester. Nester is is the author of How to Be Inappropriate, God Save My Queen … Continue reading


Poem: Kelly DuMar

All These Cures One day you imagine the grandmother you need and find her living in a Swedish bakery serving tea to customers in wooden booths on wooden floors in her sweet and steamy shop where she feeds your hunger for cinnamon and vanilla, your dream of comfort from butter and baking, the yeasty promise … Continue reading

Photo by David Crouse.

Three Questions: Melina Draper

We featured an excerpt from Melina Draper’s Later the House Stood Empty (Red Hen Press, 2014) last month. Last year, she won an individual artist grant from the Rasmuson Foundation in Alaska. Her first book, Place of Origin~Lugar de Origen, co-authored with Argentine writer Elena Lafert, (Oyster River Press, 2008) won the Latino Book Award … Continue reading


Excerpt: Jen Karetnick

From Prayer of Confession Arrival: A Love Villanelle for Haiti Nou led, nou la. “We are ugly, but we are here,” you say through the cracks of your lips, your hands coated with the dust that masks any succor. Your breasts may fall like bricks but still pucker for the mouths of fashion-blind infants: Nou … Continue reading


Story: Greg Letellier

Waiting Every summer, Jack keeps a vegetable garden in the backyard, and each year he pulls a milkweed plant from the ground. He looks for a leaf with a caterpillar on it so he can put it in a mason jar with tiny holes in the lid and set it on the mantle. For Jack, … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: House of Paine Poetry Salon #4

As promised, the In Place Podcast is growing. Our second episode takes us to Worcester, MA and inside the House of Paine Poetry Salon #4. The event is hosted by poets Victor Infante and Lea Deschenes in their living room. Today we feature the openers from the first half of the salon. Next week you’ll get … Continue reading


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