Poem: Bruce McRae

Smudge The world is being drawn badly, the sun like the sun, the moon like the moon, stars likened unto other stars. Here’s a town that’s a smudge, a sea that’s smeared, hills painted with outlandish perspectives, a few stick-figures added on as an afterthought, giving us some idea of the scale, of the limited … Continue reading

how it ends

Poem: Holly Day

How It Ends my hands wrap around the room, tie us together with open palms filled with sharp teeth and words that keep you here. outside is nothing but streetlights and hunger sleazy bars and one-night stands I have made myself so heavy here you won’t be able to make me leave. Holly Day has … Continue reading


Story: Tim Tomlinson

Shanghai I met a well-known English poet in Shanghai. I’d gone to hear him read at an upscale international literary festival. He seemed really out of sorts, jet-lagged and culture shocked. No one knew how to drink the way English drink. That’s where I came in. I knew how to drink with all nationalities. I’m … Continue reading


Poem: Charlene Taylor

Grapefruit I sang to you hot and hollow, a distant rhythm. My own pulsing howl at night. You flew to flush my face, beating heat between wings. My own cicada summer. You were my own sweet and sour seasonal hybrid. My own acidic forbidden grapefruit. You shed your shell – held back your peel, with … Continue reading


Story: Erynn Porter

Hushed Days The involuntary spiritual experience started when Rick wanted to introduce me to his neighbors. Trailing behind him, the first thing I notice is that it’s dark. Really dark, but the stars seem to puncture the blackness surrounding us. How can people live here? Rick is telling me how beautiful the landscape is during … Continue reading

Photo by Ashley Crabill

Poem: Adam Middleton-Watts

Old For forty years or more they’ve known each other’s heat, the stale weight of innumerable mornings, the sinking and softening of flesh, hair curled dry to silver crisps or gone, eyes glazed and distant. The grunts, the groans, the indefatigableness of time. Incomplete dialogue concluded in the ether, slippered shuffles to a far-off kitchen, … Continue reading


Story: Michelle Adelman

Summers in the City You got angry every time I tried to touch your hair. You didn’t let anybody touch it. It was cemented with wax when it was short, and slicked back with gel when it was long, and it was always off limits. That was the only time you got mad, when I … Continue reading


Poem: Kevin Casey

At the West End of Long Pond Rocking gently by the crib, the anchor paid out just a few feet across the rocks heaped up inside the old log frame submerged beneath the pond, the May morning drifts by. A half mile out, by the river’s inlet, the giant granite rock still keeps its watch … Continue reading


Story: James Claffey

Holdfast From the crest of the hill the ocean spreads blue to the far hills, whitecaps crest on sandbars, pelicans skim the cliffs, and clouds are nowhere to be seen. I have returned from five weeks spent in Joshua Tree National Park, camping in the stark desert beneath towering yuccas, watched by the hundred million … Continue reading


Poem: Sherry Horowitz

We, Your Vineyard “…We are your Children and You, our Father. We are your Nation and You, our King. We are your Servants and You, our Master. We are your Vineyard and You, our Watchman…” —Except from a hymn of the Ne-ilah Service on Rosh Hashana. Clematis, Wisteria, Honeysuckle— cuttings that lace like lashings and … Continue reading


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