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Story: Robert Boucheron

Is There Something You Want to Tell Me? Is there something you want to tell me? Not that anything’s wrong, but I’m here to listen. A receptive ear and a shoulder to cry on. Nonjudgmental, as silent as the grave. You know me. After all, we’ve been friends for gosh knows how long, six or … Continue reading


Poem: Elizabeth Tannen

Metaphor In the context of a river you’re an anvil, an artist, a quick silver flash. I’m a stick: black as a sleeve, I move through the thrush of your peculiar bank. In the context of an orbit you’re a sphere, shifting as a fork in a certain, beloved mouth. I’m home. In the context … Continue reading

G. Thomas (2)

Three Questions: Gail Thomas

We featured an excerpt from Gail Thomas’s Waving Back (Turning Point Books, 2015) in April. She also is the author of No Simple Wilderness: An Elegy for Swift River Valley (Haleys, 2001) and Finding the Bear (Perugia Press, 1997).  Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, she has received grants from the Massachusetts … Continue reading


Story: Augie Gold

Bears We roamed the streets and alleys in early morning, picking strawberries from neighbors. Raspberries. Blackberries. We have been up all night, drinking home brew and talking about the Midwest, about different Scooby Doo episodes and their specific monsters, about losing sense of the marvelous after getting office jobs, about Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. So … Continue reading


Poem: Carl Boon

Plumfall The sidewalk’s black with them. They stick to the bottoms of our sandals and even the crows grow nauseous, coming constantly at the smell. Most love better the preceding flowers, the sides of buildings months before dotted white as the wind picks up. The dead are better for wine, most say, but mornings in … Continue reading


Three Questions: Lynn Pedersen

We featured an excerpt from Lynn Pedersen’s  Tiktaalik, Adieu (Finishing Line Press) in April. Her poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in New England Review, Ecotone, Poet Lore, Southern Poetry Review, Palo Alto Review, and Heron Tree. In addition to Tiktaalik, Adieu, she is the author of another chapbook, Theories of Rain (Main Street Rag), … Continue reading


Story: Scott Koertner

What Doesn’t Kill You Mama once told me there were four things that would kill you as sure as lightning: smoking, lust, greed, and a lack of faith. I never did like my Mama. I started smoking in grade school. There was the predictable hack and spit of that first drag, then the next, and … Continue reading


Poem: Dawn Paul

Avalanche Always, the lag sound traveling the distance, peak to valley Looking up from green Grindelwald at Jungfrau, white at noon On a flank, blade-sharp against the Swiss blue sky one puff of crystal snow rose trailed off in wind-blown streamers then—a bass drum struck with a cloth mallet That first time, I did not … Continue reading


Three Questions: Greg Letellier

We’ve featured several pieces by Greg Letellier in the past two years. Most recent was an excerpt from his short story collection Paper Heart: Love Stories (Thought Catalog Books) in April. He is a Pushcart Prize nominated fiction writer, book reviewer, and teacher from Biddeford, Maine. He also is the author the limited run of … Continue reading


Story: Christina Tiber

Lobivia Hybrid My cactus died yesterday. My brother died too, but he hated our family and abandoned us when I was four. I mourned for only one. The cactus was small, but he had a large character. Composed of three separate bodies, the succulent was plain, green, and spiny. Under his drab exterior, however, he … Continue reading


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