Story: Samantha Stier


Portraits Together we look at other people’s portraits. We love self-portraits, especially those by Renoir, who is a master at capturing his inner essence. Our favorite self-portrait is by Norman Rockwell. We like the self-reflexive nature of that one. We like how we become part of the piece just by looking at it. We like … Continue reading

Story: Donna Vorreyer


The Alphabet of Avoidance There is no easy way to say it. Words are useless, though there are so many. Cantaloupe. Armageddon. Undulating. (These are a few of my favorites. But they don’t apply to this situation. Well, maybe armageddon.) I sort through the thesaurus to look for some assistance: Blight. Catastrophe. Disaster. Eruption. Fiasco. … Continue reading

Story: David James


A Story Problem No one knows how these things happen; he decided to live a decent and faithful life from here on. Up to this point, his list of wrongs, faults, grievances, and errors could fill a book. But he decided he could erase that dark past one good deed at a time, with the … Continue reading

Story: Kevin Callaway


Un-Ambulation Bodies grind-shift through the Los Padre mountains, looping around pine trees and dry rivers. Shadows tag onto lifting lights. The valley is sunk. I’ve climbed this range too many times and by that I mean I’m indistinguishable—racing in the dark and never really cresting before the sun—sermoning to the broke-down-boys of our generation. We … Continue reading

Story: Stephanie Austin


Maybe We Were Never Creative Enough My husband’s new roommate asks me to come upstairs and help her pick out an outfit to wear to a job interview. She used to be a legal assistant, she says, and she loved it but life happens and once she lived in New Mexico and she misses her … Continue reading

Story: Brian Michael Barbeito


Angels and Popsicles or St. Theresa at American Malls It’s a crescent moon there, but only for quick seconds. It gets drunk up like a quick libation by the storm clouds. See, the afternoon was overcast and now the night joins in on the trouble. It begins to rain. And hard. It hits the bricks … Continue reading

Story: Christopher DiCicco


So My Mother She Lives Among the Clouds* The thing about my father is he tells stories you wouldn’t believe. He says, “Simon, did you know there are dragons in these woods?” I have to shake my head because I don’t, because it’s necessary to admit I have no idea dragons live here if I … Continue reading

Stories: Allie Marini Batts


To Keep Warm* – for Muriel It was cold and raining and I was scheduled for the morning shift—not on purpose, but not accidentally—I didn’t ask for it off, because I wanted a way out of driving down to mark the passing years between when you were still here, and how long it’s been since … Continue reading

Story: Marc J. Sheehan


What I’d Say to Aliens For years the doll sat on a small rocking chair in the guest bedroom. People often have guest bedrooms even if they seldom have guests. The doll was slightly less than half my height when held up so that its feet just touched the floor. It wore a yellow sundress … Continue reading

Story: Chelsea Biondolillo


Tutelage She had been reading her mother’s books on seduction and explained that learning to be good in bed would take commitment. If we ever hoped to get the kinds of husbands that would take care of us and let us do whatever we wanted, we had to become experts at sex. “Here’s how I … Continue reading


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