Story: Janet Buck


The Windbreaker Outside the house, winds flood the cracking patio with mounds of leaves, twigs from next door’s apple tree. Orange poppies hit the ground, hard and fast in giant piles. Climbing roses made of peaches pull at staples stamped on an aging fence. Alyssum jewels disappear in one white cloud. I’m fretting how it … Continue reading

Story: G. K. Adams


Ranson Hangs On Ranson leapt from the running board of the truck before it came to a full stop, flung the garbage can lid onto the street with a clang, inhaled the stench of rotting bones and flesh, heaved the contents of the can into the back of the garbage truck, flipped the can beside … Continue reading

Story: Paul Hadella


Crab Meat For a good month or so, Mom was going at it double-barrel with the rosary beads. The black ones, she’s always had. But the brown ones, neither me or my brother had ever seen. They just showed up in her hands one night—with the black ones on her lap—when we came into the … Continue reading

Story: Cezarija Abartis


Calypso She wore a blue silk dress cut on the bias, falling from her shoulders. When she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, he offered his handkerchief. She slapped it away. The sun had set on the purple water, and night settled around them. She squinted to the west, off the coast, … Continue reading

Story: Sonia Feigelson


A Time in Which We Are Have you seen my left sandal? Ivy buys a globe of bright red liqueur, and we all try to figure out how it opens, lying prone in the tall grass out back. Charlotte likes to talk about next year. I get a haircut that makes me look like someone’s … Continue reading

Story: James R. Gapinski


Plastic Flamingos Some teacher loses a kid, some chimp is throwing poo, the bear’s hiding in his cave again, and the stupid tiger won’t eat. It’s a lot to deal with, but at least it’s manageable. Police officers are combing the “Small Mammal Adventure” area for the kid; I tell the primatologist to order more … Continue reading

Story: Sophie Joelle


Trigger Warning: [sexual abuse] Daddy The neighbors float about our home as if it’s their own, and no glass is ever empty. My mum tends to stay amongst the party for an hour or so before retreating to her bedroom. She doesn’t relish the attention like my father does, and she doesn’t drink. She says … Continue reading

Story: Sean Higgins


Points in Space Rusty wanted to stay in 4th-grade Geometry class forever, until the triangles between the stars burnt out and jagged quadrilaterals dropped from the clouds like dead seagulls. Things were fuzzy at home. His mom went missing three days ago, and he slept on the couch at night while the weather channel droned … Continue reading

Story: Robert A. Kaufman


Pocahontas The sirens wailed and the students exploded in smiles. They yanked out their iPhone4s and Samsung Galaxys and zipped up their bags. A voice on the loudspeaker: Good aft-uh-noon! We have reports that the tor-NAY- do that’s blowin’ thru North Texas’ll be blowin’ close t’us here. So [beat] as uh safety per-CAUTION, please follow … Continue reading

Story: Ron Riekki


Trigger Warning: [Suicide] The Absolutely Perfect Death of Harry Houdini We were looking for a song on the radio to kill ourselves to. My tape player wasn’t working. Otherwise we were going to kill ourselves to Dokken’s “Alone Again.” This was back when that song had meaning for me. I think it had meaning for … Continue reading


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