Story: Allie Marini


Bathwater Does this make us alcoholics? He asked from the bathtub. Whatcha mean, us? Hazel asked, lifting from her knees to sit Walter upright against the cool tiles. You’re the one who took a header. She pried a half-empty can of Natty from his hand and set it by the side of the bathtub. He … Continue reading

Story: Faith Thomas


Mismatch The last winter I was with her, everything was dry except for her mouth. We stayed inside mostly, sorting through the boxes marked New House? that coughed out mittens, or hats greying with age, some of their bills in tact, some bent and frayed at the corners. We’d play dress-up like the five-year-old-girls we … Continue reading

Story: Robert Boucheron

photo 2

Is There Something You Want to Tell Me? Is there something you want to tell me? Not that anything’s wrong, but I’m here to listen. A receptive ear and a shoulder to cry on. Nonjudgmental, as silent as the grave. You know me. After all, we’ve been friends for gosh knows how long, six or … Continue reading

Story: Augie Gold


Bears We roamed the streets and alleys in early morning, picking strawberries from neighbors. Raspberries. Blackberries. We have been up all night, drinking home brew and talking about the Midwest, about different Scooby Doo episodes and their specific monsters, about losing sense of the marvelous after getting office jobs, about Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. So … Continue reading

Story: Scott Koertner


What Doesn’t Kill You Mama once told me there were four things that would kill you as sure as lightning: smoking, lust, greed, and a lack of faith. I never did like my Mama. I started smoking in grade school. There was the predictable hack and spit of that first drag, then the next, and … Continue reading

Story: Christina Tiber


Lobivia Hybrid My cactus died yesterday. My brother died too, but he hated our family and abandoned us when I was four. I mourned for only one. The cactus was small, but he had a large character. Composed of three separate bodies, the succulent was plain, green, and spiny. Under his drab exterior, however, he … Continue reading

Story: Mary Camarillo


The Blessing The priest from St. Catherine’s sprinkles holy water over Hermann’s head and starts the rosary. Who are all these people? Hermann wonders, staring out at the crowd clustered around his hospital bed. He recognizes some of the faces, Evelyn, of course, his wife, standing to his right, gripping a shredded Kleenex. Raul, his … Continue reading

Story: Judy Bolton-Fasman


Customs General of the Republic – Welcome to Cuba Passenger Customs Declaration   Name Judy Bolton-Fasman Date of Birth December 30, 1960. I was born one year and ten days after my father called off the first wedding to my mother. Nine months and four days after my parents finally wed. Nationality Half-American, half-Cuban. Actually, … Continue reading

Story: Everly Anders


Wanting Pie, all I really want is pie. Apple pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, it doesn’t matter. It’s midnight in New York and I want pie. Unfortunately, my best friend Lisa wants a drink, and what Lisa wants, Lisa gets. That’s how we wound up at The Pig & Whistle on 3rd. Now, I’m two … Continue reading

Story: Janet Buck


The Windbreaker Outside the house, winds flood the cracking patio with mounds of leaves, twigs from next door’s apple tree. Orange poppies hit the ground, hard and fast in giant piles. Climbing roses made of peaches pull at staples stamped on an aging fence. Alyssum jewels disappear in one white cloud. I’m fretting how it … Continue reading


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