Story: Mary Camarillo


The Blessing The priest from St. Catherine’s sprinkles holy water over Hermann’s head and starts the rosary. Who are all these people? Hermann wonders, staring out at the crowd clustered around his hospital bed. He recognizes some of the faces, Evelyn, of course, his wife, standing to his right, gripping a shredded Kleenex. Raul, his … Continue reading

Story: Judy Bolton-Fasman


Customs General of the Republic – Welcome to Cuba Passenger Customs Declaration   Name Judy Bolton-Fasman Date of Birth December 30, 1960. I was born one year and ten days after my father called off the first wedding to my mother. Nine months and four days after my parents finally wed. Nationality Half-American, half-Cuban. Actually, … Continue reading

Story: Everly Anders


Wanting Pie, all I really want is pie. Apple pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, it doesn’t matter. It’s midnight in New York and I want pie. Unfortunately, my best friend Lisa wants a drink, and what Lisa wants, Lisa gets. That’s how we wound up at The Pig & Whistle on 3rd. Now, I’m two … Continue reading

Story: Janet Buck


The Windbreaker Outside the house, winds flood the cracking patio with mounds of leaves, twigs from next door’s apple tree. Orange poppies hit the ground, hard and fast in giant piles. Climbing roses made of peaches pull at staples stamped on an aging fence. Alyssum jewels disappear in one white cloud. I’m fretting how it … Continue reading

Book Review: The Blue Box by Ron Carlson


by Maggie Trapp The Blue Box By Ron Carlson Red Hen Press. 77 pages. $14.95 Ron Carlson writes in an endearing deadpan. His work skewers as it makes us think twice. The flash fiction and poems that make up his new volume, The Blue Box, do not miss a beat and never waste a word. … Continue reading

Story: G. K. Adams


Ranson Hangs On Ranson leapt from the running board of the truck before it came to a full stop, flung the garbage can lid onto the street with a clang, inhaled the stench of rotting bones and flesh, heaved the contents of the can into the back of the garbage truck, flipped the can beside … Continue reading

Story: Paul Hadella


Crab Meat For a good month or so, Mom was going at it double-barrel with the rosary beads. The black ones, she’s always had. But the brown ones, neither me or my brother had ever seen. They just showed up in her hands one night—with the black ones on her lap—when we came into the … Continue reading

Three Questions: John Michael Cummings


We featured an excerpt from John Michael Cummings’ Don’t Forget Me, Bro (Stephen F. Austin State University Press) in January. His short stories have appeared in more than seventy-five literary journals, including The Iowa Review, North American Review, The Chattahoochee Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Kenyon Review. Twice he has been nominated for The … Continue reading

Story: Sonia Feigelson


A Time in Which We Are Have you seen my left sandal? Ivy buys a globe of bright red liqueur, and we all try to figure out how it opens, lying prone in the tall grass out back. Charlotte likes to talk about next year. I get a haircut that makes me look like someone’s … Continue reading

Story: Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois


Tuba The Santa Ana winds shaped me. Their power sucked the cigarette from my fingers and drove it deep into chaparral. The Editors: Do not send short stories that turn out to be all a dream. The fire was preordained. I could have stayed in Hoboken N.J. and the fire still would have blazed and … Continue reading


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