Story: Greg Letellier


How to Get Coffee with Your Older Brother Brad Know that with Brad, timing is everything. Catch him at a free moment. This is the toughest part. Due to his OCD, you know by now that he’s not good with sudden changes in his steady schedule. Catch him when he’s just gotten back from work … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Joe Kapitan


Our ninth episode of the In Place Podcast features stories from Joe Kapitan’s recent set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Joe’s chapbook A Pocket Guide to North American Ghosts won the Lit House Press inaugural prose chapbook contest in 2013, and we were so pleased when he said he would be in … Continue reading

Story: Ronald Friedman


Exit Strategy “How long you been waiting?” “It feels like I’ve been here forever. Couple hours, maybe.” “You here for an exit pass?” “What else? This piece of crap. Look at that. Four pages. I need two signatures in this section here. What about you?” “Same. It’s closing down fast. Another hour or two and … Continue reading

Story: Jane-Rebecca Cannarella


The Pool, August 2002 We fell asleep in the sun and when I woke up I was so sunburned that later on that night I got sick to my stomach. It was the summer that smelled like chlorine and cigarettes; we were staying at my parents’ friends’ house. No one else we knew had a … Continue reading

(Archive) Story: Christopher DiCicco


Bloodhounds Simon doesn’t want a Golden Retriever. Not like other boys his age. What my son wants is different. “Dad,” he says, “I want to be a dog.” He’s a good kid, Simon, doesn’t complain about much, not my lousy dinners or my pacing the backyard as I call everyone his mother knows—so I play … Continue reading

We Want Your Stories


Extract(s) is always looking for great stories to share with our readers. We admit, we are are pretty tough when it comes to accepting work, but if you have something you believe matches up with what we love, let us have a look! Our word limit for stories–fiction, personal essay, and creative non-fiction–is 1,500 words. … Continue reading

Story: Samantha Stier


Portraits Together we look at other people’s portraits. We love self-portraits, especially those by Renoir, who is a master at capturing his inner essence. Our favorite self-portrait is by Norman Rockwell. We like the self-reflexive nature of that one. We like how we become part of the piece just by looking at it. We like … Continue reading

Story: Donna Vorreyer


The Alphabet of Avoidance There is no easy way to say it. Words are useless, though there are so many. Cantaloupe. Armageddon. Undulating. (These are a few of my favorites. But they don’t apply to this situation. Well, maybe armageddon.) I sort through the thesaurus to look for some assistance: Blight. Catastrophe. Disaster. Eruption. Fiasco. … Continue reading

Story: David James


A Story Problem No one knows how these things happen; he decided to live a decent and faithful life from here on. Up to this point, his list of wrongs, faults, grievances, and errors could fill a book. But he decided he could erase that dark past one good deed at a time, with the … Continue reading

Story: Kevin Callaway


Un-Ambulation Bodies grind-shift through the Los Padre mountains, looping around pine trees and dry rivers. Shadows tag onto lifting lights. The valley is sunk. I’ve climbed this range too many times and by that I mean I’m indistinguishable—racing in the dark and never really cresting before the sun—sermoning to the broke-down-boys of our generation. We … Continue reading


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