Story: Victor D. Infante


From the forthcoming novel Why We Should Suffer For This Seven 17, the letter X streaked in black marker on the back of each of my hands. The music is loud and distorted. My head is static. I stop listening for nuance and just allow my bones to rattle. I ignore my ears entirely, and … Continue reading

Story: Greg Letellier


Waiting Every summer, Jack keeps a vegetable garden in the backyard, and each year he pulls a milkweed plant from the ground. He looks for a leaf with a caterpillar on it so he can put it in a mason jar with tiny holes in the lid and set it on the mantle. For Jack, … Continue reading

Story: Peter Korchnak


Where Are You From? “Where are you from?” says the guide from a rock in the middle of the Khao Sok jungle. It comes out as “Where you from!” but he gets the ‘are’ for effort. He looks over my head to count the tour group. Before I say USA he turns toward the gash … Continue reading

Story: Brea Tremblay


Rabbit My dog flips out during thunderstorms. I lie on my back, and she clings to my chest and presses up against my chin. I rub her head and tell her everything is fine. I kiss her furry eyebrows, and she digs her little claws into my neck and shakes. By some miracle of doggy … Continue reading

Story: Susannah Clark


Please click the title below to read today’s story. Peace Corps Reference Susannah Clark is a writer living in Somerville, Mass. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Emerson College, where she teaches teach composition and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published in publications such as CQWeekly, Popmatters, and forthcoming in Rock & … Continue reading

Story: Norah Vawter


Winter on the Island We spent the winter curled up next to each other on the couch, each with a laptop open and a mug of hot chocolate gradually cooling on the table. Winter on the island was recluse time – time without tourists, without suntans, without a need to speed on highway 12. It … Continue reading

Story: Christopher DiCicco


Bloodhounds Simon doesn’t want a Golden Retriever. Not like other boys his age. What my son wants is different. “Dad,” he says, “I want to be a dog.” He’s a good kid, Simon, doesn’t complain about much, not my lousy dinners or my pacing the backyard as I call everyone his mother knows—so I play … Continue reading

Story: Alison Turner


The Ornery Process Pearl’s instructor asked to see her after class. Pearl knew she needed help with The Demands of Parenting, which was the title of her paper, but now was not a good time. She needed a cigarette and to get her stupid broken truck off of Highway 52. She had called her son … Continue reading

Story: Meredith Dodson


When the Sun Didn’t Set The fight started over who had packed the wrong spatula for the camping trip; you said I was an irresponsible ingrate and I said you were the most boring, insufferable man alive. We both said some nasty things, and when I took off, trampling through the underbrush of the valley … Continue reading

Story: Peter Baltensperger


Among Variable Prerogatives The thin crescent of the new moon floated precariously in the sky, a sleek canoe in a sea of star- punctuated uncertainties. Mia Shields let her mind drift out into the darkness and cradled it into the curvature of the moon to gather star light for her collection. She was always looking … Continue reading


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