Poem: Jonathan Travelstead


Aubade, Alaska In Clam Gulch ruddy face-rubbed doors yawn open to frozen strangers. Toyotas, Peterbilts, and Subarus—in them the Samaritans’ feet worry engines past all reason. Hem. A gondola’s cree up a mountain cable. Haw. The low burr of tires grinding wheel wells. __________ Dog, I know you by the sound of cloud-bit, over-mushed huskies … Continue reading

Poem: Peycho Kanev


Wait The bruised sky hangs above the street just to report that it’s leaving me for good The single begonia in my garden, illuminating the house at night, is leaving me too Hundreds of black birds seeding the sky – Wait Don’t leave me too! Let’s read a book together or write a poem or … Continue reading

Three Questions: Tania Pryputniewicz

View More: http://jamiecliffordphoto.pass.us/tania-pryputniewicz

We featured an excerpt from Tania Pryputniewicz’s November Butterfly (2014, Saddle Road Press) in May. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she is the managing poetry editor at The Fertile Source and co-founder of Mother, Writer, Mentor. Recent poetry appeared in the NonBinary Review, Poetry Flash, and Soundings East. Her collaborative micro movies feature … Continue reading

Poem: Janelle Rainer


The Addict That bitter cigarette smell hangs on him like a drunk and stumbling friend, but I can’t tell him—he’s trying to quit the other thing and one vice at a time, please. So when he comes in from the porch I just smile, wipe the rain from his forehead and want to love the … Continue reading

Poem: Veronica Zabczynski


Why is December 19th Marked on the Calendar? Because our dog is the personification of excitement but he doesn’t like it: having his picture taken due to the puppy pornography ring he was in before you rescued him from that kill shelter in Kentucky. That’s our little joke. Like most, it isn’t politically correct like … Continue reading

Three Questions: Luanne Castle


We featured an excerpt from Luanne Castle’s Doll God (Aldrich Press, 2015) in May. She has been a Fellow at the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside.  She studied English and creative writing at the University of California, Riverside (PhD); Western Michigan University (MA, MFA); and the Stanford University writing … Continue reading

Excerpt: Nicole Rollender


From Absence of Stars Necessary Work Roman poets put skulls in their love poems – the mortal with the immortal, the dark in the brilliant death-light; the plum falling from its long branch, then sweetly decomposing. The excruciating parting of our two bodies, that was necessary. Your tiny body – you can’t even drink my … Continue reading

Poem: Elizabeth Tannen


Metaphor In the context of a river you’re an anvil, an artist, a quick silver flash. I’m a stick: black as a sleeve, I move through the thrush of your peculiar bank. In the context of an orbit you’re a sphere, shifting as a fork in a certain, beloved mouth. I’m home. In the context … Continue reading

Three Questions: Gail Thomas

G. Thomas (2)

We featured an excerpt from Gail Thomas’s Waving Back (Turning Point Books, 2015) in April. She also is the author of No Simple Wilderness: An Elegy for Swift River Valley (Haleys, 2001) and Finding the Bear (Perugia Press, 1997).  Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, she has received grants from the Massachusetts … Continue reading

Poem: Carl Boon


Plumfall The sidewalk’s black with them. They stick to the bottoms of our sandals and even the crows grow nauseous, coming constantly at the smell. Most love better the preceding flowers, the sides of buildings months before dotted white as the wind picks up. The dead are better for wine, most say, but mornings in … Continue reading


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