Excerpt: Mathieu Cailler


From Clotheslines Clotheslines On the hot summer day the girl helps her mother with the laundry Plucks soggy clothes from the basket— weighty and full Stands on her tippy toes and flings jeans over the string She loves the indigo blue of her dad’s denim and the whisper white of her mother’s nightgown It’s like … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Dillon J. Welch


Our seventh episode of the In Place Podcast features Dillon J. Welch’s recent set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Dillon was one of the first poets we featured on Extract(s) after Jenn heard him read at an open mic in Newmarket, NH. He was an undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire … Continue reading

Excerpt: Marc J. Frazier


From After Ancestry She stares for months, sits on the porch steps crying. He cannot trust her hands on me. Charged like a battery, pumped with insulin, she dangles a trembling rosary. She is not the woman he knows, but he prepares to love her. Returned home, relatives bring casseroles, ham; her still hands—twins in … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Kenneth Pobo & Stacy Esch


from When the Light Turns Green Sometimes Loneliness Can’t Be Cured You wake up, head for school where you learn you’re not human, that you can be tortured easily, minute by minute, teachers in on the joke as they turn away, a few joining in. Mom and dad see how withdrawn you’ve become. Mom prays. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Lauren Gordon


From Meaningful Fingers  You Can’t Eat the Grief when grief is eating you because you are hollowed like you have been drinking Drano, but you find yourself in a checkout lane with a bag boy who looks lupine in his beard and those plugs that stretch ear lobes until they are twin strips of silly … Continue reading

Excerpt: Alex Stolis


From Justice for All S.B. May 30th 2002 I don’t have anything to say. I am just sorry about what I did. Remember your first taste of the body of Christ. A brittle snap in a dry throat, then silence. Unrepentant and ready to bring back to life that once upon a time: when a … Continue reading

Excerpt: Floyd Cheung


From Jazz at Manzanar Jazz at Manzanar “That was jazzy.” ~ the emcee at the annual pilgrimage to the Manzanar National Historic Site, 2007 Three men, white-haired and buzz-cut, led us in the pledge of allegiance, but after the first twelve words, they could not agree, except that their versions were half as long as … Continue reading

Three Questions: Steven Riel


We featured an excerpt from Steven Riel’s Fellow Odd Fellow (Trio House Press) in May. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry: How to Dream, The Spirit Can Crest, and Postcard from P-town, which was selected as runner-up for the inaugural Robin Becker Chapbook Prize and published in 2009 by Seven Kitchens Press. … Continue reading

We Want Excerpts from your new book (or one you love)!


Do you have a new book out on an independent press? Do you have one forthcoming in the next three months? Then send it to us for consideration for this spot right here! Each Friday we excerpt new and forthcoming books from independent presses (and occasionally larger publishers) and we just can’t keep up on … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Timothy Gager


Our sixth episode of the In Place Podcast features excerpts from Timothy Gager’s recent stint as the feature in the Second Sunday Reading Series hosted by Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. We’ve featured Timothy’s work twice on Extract(s) since our launch. He is the author of 10 books of poetry and fiction and … Continue reading


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