Poem: Tamer Mostafa


Letter to Lucy Corin When I was younger, I remember hearing stories about racism (and I’ve understood since the attacks that racism is just twisting a pressure valve), and I remember conditioning myself to absorb the abuse as some form of pity, to see the treatment as proof of my existence, a recessive nerve captivated … Continue reading

Three Questions: Kelly DuMar


We featured an excerpt from Kelly Dumar’s All These Cures (winner of the Lit House Press poetry contest) last fall. She is a poet, playwright, and writing workshop facilitator who believes storytelling, in all its forms, changes lives and often saves them. She has presented workshops at a number of festivals and conferences, and is … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sandra Marchetti


From Confluence Peninsula A washed ring of sounds, rocks glazed with boat music. Clouds soot the forests in delicate black salt. A dead fish—bass or bluegill— is half-gone back to the rocks and beyond, lies no-eyed on the shoreline. Its extant others—us in canoes and kayaks— merge to the white strait horizon and wish to … Continue reading

Poem: Greta Hayer


Love Potion You watch her dance around the kitchen, the rhythm in her hips and hands. She is something between a witch and an alchemist; spices swirl in a cauldron, while egg yolks glisten like molten gold. She dances, pinching myrtle and coriander into the steaming pot. Adding a splash of her best wine and … Continue reading

Excerpt: Jen Karetnick


From Brie Season Farm Share “I remember breaking beans,” says Theresa, come to collect her portion of organically raised agriculture – Chinese kale this week, and Japanese shiitake mushrooms. Ruth recalls peeling apples as she tucks away her just-laid eggs; Anne-Britt cracked nuts In her native Sweden; Colleen hulled strawberries and picked mint. For myself, … Continue reading

Poem: Michael Mark


My Mother’s Nightmare My mother’s eyes force me into the cave of their bedroom. I am to put my ear to his chest, to know for sure my father is breathing. I wait for him to move, to groan, for my courage to lower my head. This is not my nightmare. The heat, the smell … Continue reading

Poem: Yuan Changming


Y.E.S. Y You are really obsessed with this letter Yes, because it contains all the secrets of Your selfhood: your name begins with it You carry y-chromosome; you wear Y-pants; both your skin and heart are Yellowish; your best poem is titled Y; you seldom seek the balance between Yin and yang; you never want … Continue reading

Poem: Alex Stolis


Stillhet; Cisza; Silenzio You show me your scars, one for each sin. I trace them make them my own. There is no moon, no street sounds and sunrise is a story, fragile and green. You tell me about going to Warsaw alone for seven days. How it was hot and black. How you walked all … Continue reading

Excerpt: Merie Kirby


From The Dog Runs On Ashes, ashes She comes into the kitchen, top-knotted hair, chocolate-marked shirt, and pulls at my hands until we circle. She chants ring rosie, ring rosie, until I start to sing the rhyme she wants to hear. A posy is a small bunch of flowers, meant to protect you. They don’t … Continue reading

Poem: Dylan Crawford


Wood Division I. I pull over and step into the flame of New Mexico’s summer, into a white canvas sky that scatters clouds of lace across the angry face of the eastern horizon. The distance shimmers. Small stones are brittle under my boots, angry beetles pressed for shade. Slow fade before a last glance and … Continue reading


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