Excerpt: Luanne Castle


From Doll God American Girl I am my dream house and convertible. I lie in the wet and dappled grass awaiting pauses breezes and other hesitations. I am the wait. Everyone tests my breast, but I wait only for one. She grips my forehead with intent yanks my head from its roost and puts me … Continue reading

Poem: Couri Johnson


Maintaining Balance in my Dwindling Hometown 3 Haikus from My Failed Relationships I. Found lipstick, bathroom. Fuck-me red. It’s been used. II. Doggy style’s the only way he finishes. III. It works well when we don’t have to talk so much 5 Haikus Based off of Shit Boys Have Said to Me I. “You’re wild, … Continue reading

Poem: Bruce McRae


Each Fear Contains a Wish A bone needle and catgut thread. Sewing a new shirt in the dark, a ghost-shirt for the dark ages, leaning toward a single flame so I might hear its indelicate whisper. A night as quiet as a doll’s house, a full moon stalking the forests, the crow on the roof … Continue reading

Three Questions: Merie Kirby


We featured an excerpt from Merie Kirby’s The Dog Runs On (Finishing Line Press, 2014) in January. Her chapbook, The Thumbelina Poems, is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks and her poems have been published in Willow Review, Midwest Poetry Review, and Avocet. She also participated in the 30/30 Project for Tupelo Press in September 2014. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Lynn Pedersen


From Tiktaalik, Adieu Begin No plans and preparations without first having a vision, like an angel appearing to you in your bedchamber, or thought slipping in as you butter your toast, stir your coffee. And how to know what to pack, especially for a trip to where no one’s ever been? Easier to follow a … Continue reading

Poem: Robert Okaji


Bread That year we learned the true language of fear. I baked boule and you haunted medical sites. You said to arrive I must first depart or be willing to suffer self-awareness. Let’s not mention our pact just yet. My basic boule requires a Dutch oven, 20 ounces of flour, water, yeast and salt. At … Continue reading

Excerpt: Gail Thomas


From Waving Back All Hallows I feared grandmother’s faded corset draped over the shower bar, laces dangling like naked pink worms. And the way my gentle father morphed to monster when faced with a leaky faucet or faulty lock. On Halloween I did not want to be a princess, though rescue seemed exciting in an … Continue reading

Double Dose Poem: Danielle Susi


Some Pain is More Important than Other Pain We hand baskets to families who suffer for Flor de Caña where the water is sugar cane poison and watermelons bloom overnight like teenage girls Fried plantain bumps up against burning trash Tortillas molded in flying saucers over fire and I can’t tell whether it is the … Continue reading

Poem: Danielle Susi


Burn I watched you push yourself in front of that train. And I grabbed you. Reached out with my long arm. Made you conductive like the rails. Made you carbon held against the post to be burned. So that some smoldering smoke might spread. I saw you jump from that roof but never touch down. … Continue reading

Three Questions: Meg Johnson


We featured an excerpt from Meg Johnson’s Inappropriate Sleepover (The National Poetry Review Press, 2014) in January. Her poems have appeared in Hobart, Nashville Review, The Puritan, Sugar House Review, Verse Daily, and others. Meg started dancing at a young age and worked professionally in the performing arts for many years. She is the editor … Continue reading


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