Poem: Rachel Schloss


Open Sea I like to imagine Rumi as a whale, spouting words like water. I don’t know what whales breathe, and Rumi, did he breathe the water he wrote? I want to ask what life is, what it’s meant to be. I decide instead to write it down in words. On Friday, I saw a … Continue reading

Three Questions: Jessica Goodfellow


We featured an excerpt from Jessica Goodfellow’s Mendeleev’s Mandala (Mayapple Press, 2015)  in April. She is also the author of The Insomniac’s Weather Report (Isobar Press, 2014), and her chapbook, A Pilgrim’s Guide to Chaos in the Heartland, won the 2006 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition. Her work has appeared in Best New Poets, Verse Daily, and NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac. Jessica received … Continue reading

Excerpt: Bill Yarrow


From Blasphemer Mother Died Tomorrow nasturtium epoxy ulcer unguent words she can’t define delinquent flamingo invisible powerboat words she can’t pronounce death of Uncle Aminadab anniversary trip to Boulder birth of Joey birth of Joey Jr memories that no longer exist the golf course fire the wedding by the lake the Christmas the car wouldn’t … Continue reading

Poem: Kushal Poddar


Right After Right after she leaves him he balls a corner of rain, tears it, hurls it at the speck on the horizon she becomes. I rock my chair. Watching anger moving the sky, sweeping darkness into a heap and blazing it with a simple matchstick. I rock and think where did he get the … Continue reading

Three Questions: Ace Boggess


We featured an excerpt from Ace Boggess’ The Prisoners (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2014)  in March. He is also the author of The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled (Highwire Press, 2003).  He is an ex-con, ex-husband, ex-reporter and completely exhausted by all the things he isn’t anymore.  His writing has appeared in Harvard … Continue reading

Excerpt: Kristine Ong Muslim


From A Roomful of Machines Closetland They are frisky—those hanged creatures of texture and boneless machinists. Halved, they entertain aggression, rustle like itinerant peapods. They have no reason to simulate body language. My fingers disappear in the boundary between fabric and air. I want to breathe with them, pat their seams, squeeze the trapped light … Continue reading

Poem: Bénédicte Kusendila


#Used A song fell out of his coat. I believe it’s yours, he said. Or: I should get that hole fixed. Something along those lines. As a teenager/student, some of  Bénédicte Kusendila’s poems in Afrikaans were published in Belgium, where she grew up. In a former life, she was a member of the South-African Afrikaans … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sarah Sousa


From Split the Crow Honey Out of the Rock after Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative Foul is savory, water sweet. We glean from fields trampled in the fighting: sheaves of crickled wheat. I hide two ears of corn beneath my apron. Horse liver roasted over coals bleeds bile on my tongue, horse’s ears and feet, ruff … Continue reading

Poem: Jennifer Finstrom


Pre-Raphaelite Morning: Paintings on the Beach* Sunrise hammers the lake into flattened metal, and two crisp swallows detail the sky. Hunt or Millais might have painted this scene, the playground equipment intensely cobalt as it waits unused, surrounded by slender, newly planted trees. No one sits in the slightly moving swing. Not a young girl … Continue reading

Three Questions: Emily O’Neill


We featured an excerpt from Emily O’Neill’s Pelican (YesYes Books, 2015)  in March. She was born on the bedroom floor in her mother’s childhood home and has been making loud messes ever since. She is a writer, artist, and proud Jersey girl, but owes her poetry education to Cambridge’s Cantab Lounge, home of the Boston … Continue reading


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