Excerpt: Joy Ladin


From Impersonation Commitment Issues The soul can’t commit to the body but still hangs around, obsessed with what-ifs: What if the body withers between one kiss and the next? What if they never feel naked together? What if they just don’t fit? What if the body turns out to be nothing but causes and effects … Continue reading

Book Review: Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon


by Maggie Trapp Fiddle is Flood By Lauren Gordon Blood Pudding Press. 26 pages. $7.00 There’s a certain way of growing up American, and it includes reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. If you remember being immersed in the Little House series, you understand the nostalgia for Wilder’s already nostalgia-steeped stories. Wilder’s books paint a picture … Continue reading

Poem: Andrew Davidson


You’re Like a Messiah on the Mat You’re like a messiah on the mat in a kingdom out of time breath is bated – it’s almost math the way we breathe death under water an old man no one hears yells “history, come to papa” crushing the promise of life with his eyebrows when we’re … Continue reading

Three Questions: Karen Paul Holmes


We featured an excerpt from Karen Paul Holmes’ Untying the Knot (Aldrich Press, 2014) in February. Formerly the VP of Communications at ING (a global financial services company), Karen is now a freelance business writer, poet and writing coach. In support of writers and audiences, Karen founded and hosts the Side Door Poets critique group … Continue reading

Poem: M. O. Mc


For Him— Part 1 My palm is branded resembles the Gemini constellation spread as stars after I kept my head in the clouds long the world is happening in only one eye of mines you see, you see I am a man guillotined by anxiety from the inside out of my head, now and, and … Continue reading

Excerpt: Tania Pryputniewicz


From November Butterfly Veil (Guinevere to Melwas) I run. His boot traps my hem. My gown seam holds, my knees strike ground. Bits of stable hay stick to his soles, my palms damp with dream. No one hears but the servant girl who feigns sleep to save our lives.
 I retreat. Between inner and outer … Continue reading

Excerpt: Luanne Castle


From Doll God American Girl I am my dream house and convertible. I lie in the wet and dappled grass awaiting pauses breezes and other hesitations. I am the wait. Everyone tests my breast, but I wait only for one. She grips my forehead with intent yanks my head from its roost and puts me … Continue reading

Poem: Couri Johnson


Maintaining Balance in my Dwindling Hometown 3 Haikus from My Failed Relationships I. Found lipstick, bathroom. Fuck-me red. It’s been used. II. Doggy style’s the only way he finishes. III. It works well when we don’t have to talk so much 5 Haikus Based off of Shit Boys Have Said to Me I. “You’re wild, … Continue reading

Poem: Bruce McRae


Each Fear Contains a Wish A bone needle and catgut thread. Sewing a new shirt in the dark, a ghost-shirt for the dark ages, leaning toward a single flame so I might hear its indelicate whisper. A night as quiet as a doll’s house, a full moon stalking the forests, the crow on the roof … Continue reading

Three Questions: Merie Kirby


We featured an excerpt from Merie Kirby’s The Dog Runs On (Finishing Line Press, 2014) in January. Her chapbook, The Thumbelina Poems, is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks and her poems have been published in Willow Review, Midwest Poetry Review, and Avocet. She also participated in the 30/30 Project for Tupelo Press in September 2014. … Continue reading


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