Excerpt: Kathleen Brewin Lewis


From Fluent in Rivers Eggshell The morning is a chiffon scarf. A child steps out into soft light, a spotted egg cupped in his hands. I rest my palm on the place where his bowed head meets his slim neck. Sometimes this is prophecy, sometimes recollection. To touch him this way is always a blessing. … Continue reading

Second Sunday Featuring Derek JG Williams


Poet Derek JG Williams was the feature at the Second Sunday Reading Series & Open Mic at Eastern Point Lit House yesterday and we decided to try our hand at a Google Hangout on Air. This is an edited version of the result—you get his reading in its entirety, but the intro and close are … Continue reading

Wanted: Excerpts from Your New Book (or one you love)!


Do you have a new book or chapbook out on an independent press? Do you have one forthcoming in the next three months? Then send it to us for consideration for this spot right here! Each Friday we excerpt new and forthcoming books from independent presses (and occasionally larger publishers) and we just can’t keep … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Cori A. Winrock


Our eleventh episode of the In Place Podcast features poems from Cori A. Winrock’s July set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. When we asked Margaret Young to read she suggested Cori join her and we were totally wowed. If you host readings and would like them to be featured in the podcast, … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Margaret Young


Our tenth episode of the In Place Podcast features poems from Margaret Young’s July set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Margaret hosted a terrific Writer’s Book Club for EPLH, and we couldn’t wait to hear her read. If you host readings and would like them to be featured in the podcast, contact … Continue reading

Excerpt: Kelly DuMar


From All These Cures How You Know a Poem is Finished No one knows what it is you’re seeking. You bargain and begin. Soon enough, fail. So many more beginnings than you bargained for. If you find a draft you love a little, hate a lot, sleep. Wake and revise to the point of ruin. … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Erika Adams & Sandra Marchetti


from A Detail in the Landscape Please click on the image for a closer look. Erika Adams is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in printmaking. She earned a BA in both Art and Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, an MFA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and studied at the Tamarind Institute where … Continue reading

In Place Podcast: Mark Cugini


Our eighth episode of the In Place Podcast features selections from Mark Cugini’s recent set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Mark is a long-time friend and we are so pleased to have him back on the blog. He is editor of Big Lucks and the curator of the THREE TENTS Reading Series … Continue reading

Excerpt: Marion Cohen


From Sizes Only Slightly Distinct Weird Consumer Offerings 1) Weird Clothing Store It contains a single rack and the clothes are all the same. Moreover, in order to make a purchase, you have to first register in the back room. There’s a piece of paper with five large wobbly letters to identify. They want to … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Sally Deskins & Laura Madeline Wiseman


from Leave of Absence: An Illustrated Guide to Common Garden Affection   Sally Deskins is an artist, art writer and writer. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in Omaha, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Ohio and Chicago; and has been published in publications such as Certain Circuits, Weave Magazine, and Painters & Poets. She has … Continue reading


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