Poem: Kelly DuMar


All These Cures One day you imagine the grandmother you need and find her living in a Swedish bakery serving tea to customers in wooden booths on wooden floors in her sweet and steamy shop where she feeds your hunger for cinnamon and vanilla, your dream of comfort from butter and baking, the yeasty promise … Continue reading

Three Questions: Melina Draper

Photo by David Crouse.

We featured an excerpt from Melina Draper’s Later the House Stood Empty (Red Hen Press, 2014) last month. Last year, she won an individual artist grant from the Rasmuson Foundation in Alaska. Her first book, Place of Origin~Lugar de Origen, co-authored with Argentine writer Elena Lafert, (Oyster River Press, 2008) won the Latino Book Award … Continue reading

Excerpt: Jen Karetnick


From Prayer of Confession Arrival: A Love Villanelle for Haiti Nou led, nou la. “We are ugly, but we are here,” you say through the cracks of your lips, your hands coated with the dust that masks any succor. Your breasts may fall like bricks but still pucker for the mouths of fashion-blind infants: Nou … Continue reading

Poem: John Goodhue


Mimic Just how I have learned to breach the bones of another, the odd luster they refract, and drown in the marrow. There is a prayer, which unlaces flesh from the limbo between two bodies, as though “anything” sends ripples through “anything else”. I speak it like a bullet, like oil under starlight. And I … Continue reading

Poem: Kanchan Chatterjee


Satori I open the window full of Sun and a lady draped in a shawl with big spring-flowers printed on it standing on the opposite terrace gazing the sparrows Kanchan Chatterjee is a male executive working in the finance ministry of government of India. Although he does not have any literary background, he loves poetry … Continue reading

Excerpt: Melina Draper


From Later the House Stood Empty Possession She wanted it, the gold ring engraved with his name. It beckoned like fate in her backyard. As a boy he lost it poking in the dirt. Because love trumps almost everything, she gave it to me. He whistled through his teeth when he saw it, Mirá! I … Continue reading

Poem: JC Bouchard


Déjà Vu 1. A past life, maybe Or the random access Of memory A house on fire An ocean receding I know I have done this Before, my hands on The boot strings Or is it the smell Of damp wood That brings me Back here, a place I’ve never been But mean to 2. … Continue reading

(Archive) Mid-Week Feature: Susan Solomon & Alex Stolis

from A Cabal of Angels “Wings vs Sky” Tabbris; Angel of Self Determination What will be left after you have truly gone: the frayed end of a thread from your sweater; a bare bulb flickering in the closet; a dog-eared book with a coffee stained cover? There is no past. I’ll pick now to remember what … Continue reading

Poem: E. K. Mortenson


“the intransigent necessity of actual empirical evidence” you spend the balance of your days placing light reconstructing and arranging parts of me in a glass cabinet full of here I’m not yours to be touched mostly I’m just mine this isn’t too far but will you settle only for a frozen embrace that will never … Continue reading

Double Dose Poem: Janet Barry


singularities the need to take the scent of each morning to dust the houseplants lay hands on the peeled flesh of still living birch bark there was a feather dropped from the sky it was only by chance that I found it brushing up against your face the need to know how many years a … Continue reading


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