Poem: Mark Goad


The Moon is Shining Still When everything is wonderful and strange on a softly-summer evening, moon shining bright on the tall ghosted trees, it may seem that you have wasted your life on small-hearted desires. If you had stood tall, you might have touched the moon and electrified, shocked the world with your presence. But … Continue reading

Poem: Mark Goad


Tongues Counting raindrops this morning, upwards of 100 billion, each a letter spelling a word in a language you haven’t yet mastered. Mark Goad is a poet now living in the Boston metro area (USA). Born in Ohio, he has lived and studied in Chicago, Geneva, Switzerland and Boston (with sojourns in Connecticut and rural … Continue reading

Poems: Mark Goad


The Poet Takes His Dog for a Walk Acolyte of dog shit, irksome little bag-of-plastic pendulum bumping against his leg, but better than letting the neighbors down. The terrier tethered to the other arm is careless, so much in the world that she knows anything that can be done is rightful. The world is generous. … Continue reading

Poem: Mark Goad


The Day Would Be New The day would be new except for the scraps of ten thousand other days left lying around. Except for memories that defy forgetting’s acid wash. Except for the face in the mirror waiting for you to notice. Except for the answering machine blinking since you don’t know when. Except for … Continue reading


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