Story: Everly Anders

Wanting Pie, all I really want is pie. Apple pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, it doesn’t matter. It’s midnight in New York and I want pie. Unfortunately, my best friend Lisa wants a drink, and what Lisa wants, Lisa gets. That’s how we wound up at The Pig & Whistle on 3rd. Now, I’m two … Continue reading


Poem: Jennifer Finstrom

Pre-Raphaelite Morning: Paintings on the Beach* Sunrise hammers the lake into flattened metal, and two crisp swallows detail the sky. Hunt or Millais might have painted this scene, the playground equipment intensely cobalt as it waits unused, surrounded by slender, newly planted trees. No one sits in the slightly moving swing. Not a young girl … Continue reading


Three Questions: Emily O’Neill

We featured an excerpt from Emily O’Neill’s Pelican (YesYes Books, 2015)  in March. She was born on the bedroom floor in her mother’s childhood home and has been making loud messes ever since. She is a writer, artist, and proud Jersey girl, but owes her poetry education to Cambridge’s Cantab Lounge, home of the Boston … Continue reading


Excerpt: Sarah Ann Winn

From Portage Float July fourth. Baseball’s on the radio, a steady hum from the garage outlasts the locusts for an inning. Tonight the fireworks will splay and fall over the lake, but now in the lull after picnic, a little work sweetens the languor. A hymn of mending to be done, perpetual hum in work … Continue reading


Story: Janet Buck

The Windbreaker Outside the house, winds flood the cracking patio with mounds of leaves, twigs from next door’s apple tree. Orange poppies hit the ground, hard and fast in giant piles. Climbing roses made of peaches pull at staples stamped on an aging fence. Alyssum jewels disappear in one white cloud. I’m fretting how it … Continue reading


Book Review: The Blue Box by Ron Carlson

by Maggie Trapp The Blue Box By Ron Carlson Red Hen Press. 77 pages. $14.95 Ron Carlson writes in an endearing deadpan. His work skewers as it makes us think twice. The flash fiction and poems that make up his new volume, The Blue Box, do not miss a beat and never waste a word. … Continue reading


Poem: Monique Gagnon German

What I’m Driving At In the space between songs on the disk, I decide: lane change, hear tic-tic in the silence between strands of music, as if the blinker is talking to the white line beneath saying yes, this is my intent and the line suddenly breaks up laughing in agreement. It is easy to … Continue reading


Excerpt: Myfanwy Collins

From The Book of Laney I’d been staring at the fire for a long time when Meme offered me lunch. “I’m not hungry,” I said. Meme rolled her eyes at me and sat herself down at the table anyway. She ate an enormous sandwich made on homemade bread. It looked good and I was hungry, … Continue reading


Story: G. K. Adams

Ranson Hangs On Ranson leapt from the running board of the truck before it came to a full stop, flung the garbage can lid onto the street with a clang, inhaled the stench of rotting bones and flesh, heaved the contents of the can into the back of the garbage truck, flipped the can beside … Continue reading


Poem: Meggie Royer

Scenes from a Marriage Grandmother dug him out of the lake next to the wood, his fingers curled around reeds, pockets threaded with silt. A small frog tucked into his cufflinks, their silver long tarnished into copper, its belly bloated with sound. We sat him at the dinner table; she wanted to place an orange … Continue reading


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