Story: Daniel Leach

Monday You park, kill the engine, and stare at the brick façade, your hands stuck at ten and two, the car quiet as a tomb. It is time to go inside, and yet, you sit and stare, refusing to unfasten the seatbelt that is leaving a savagely deep wrinkle in your new shirt, refusing even … Continue reading


Poem: Dana Hubanks

Skunk Cabbage I can smell the skunk cabbage blooming in the roadside ditches moldy remnants of last year’s crops forgotten, wait to be tilled under as reeking wreckage. Women break their own backs pounding blunt tools into the earth in rhythmic prayer to forsaken soil redeeming the redeemer. After three months of thick time pouring … Continue reading


Story: Sharon Gosling

Shibboleth The cherry blossom was out in full, fat pink-and-white candyfloss blooms that swung above their heads, too high to reach. It was a Tuesday evening, after bible study: the adults were inside, sharing tea and cake. The children, still in their meeting clothes, had been let outside to play. Ruth held a stick and … Continue reading


Poem: David L. White

The Limits of Name “But above and beyond there’s still one name left over, And that is the name that you never will guess; The name that no human research can discover— But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.” —T. S. Eliot I was named when I was born, codified in a moment … Continue reading


Three Questions: Marc J. Frazier

We excerpted Marc J. Frazier’s new chapbook, After (Finishing Line Press), in the summer. He has been widely published in journals including The Spoon River Poetry Review, ACM, Caveat Lector, Slant, Permafrost, Plainsongs, Poet Lore, Rhino, The Broome Review, descant, and The G W Review. He is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award … Continue reading


Story: Kate Greathead

One Woman’s Trash It was one of those breakups where all your stuff ends up in trash bags, you have five minutes to find a new apartment, and once you do, the last thing you want to do is unpack those trash bags—they contain a lot of raw feelings. Call me emotionally lethargic, I let … Continue reading


Poem: Ferenc Apagyi

Awkward-sphere she always wakes up before me the thread-esque night breaks away in her eyes the naked silhouettes of her enmesh in the geometry of the room objects recoil because of the sudden touch of pheromones watching in a pubescent disgust as she is gathering up her clothes and bends her steps toward the bathroom … Continue reading


Excerpt: Meg Eden

From A Week with Beijing Beijing and I Meet For the First Time When I first met Beijing, she said, What’re you doing here? It’s not the Olympics yet. I tried to tell her I was here to see her country, to get away from my home, but she tried to sell me bootleg plushes … Continue reading


Story: Amy Friedman

Two Kids, One Burning Stone After a bit of coughing, some surely genuine and some perhaps feigned to make the experience seem worse than it was for his 12-year-old son, my father turned the cigarette around and handed it to my brother filter first. “Put it to your lips, suck in some smoke, and breathe … Continue reading


Poem: Desirée Jung

Probabilities The thickness of the diesel oil on my skin. If washed, hands will change color, become blue. The gas station has reprints of perfect bodies. In the concrete sidewalks, the water runs through the cracks. Sometimes the watchman paces like a cat, making irking sounds. Forty-five minutes is a long time in animal years. … Continue reading


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