Story: Sophie Joelle

Trigger Warning: [sexual abuse] Daddy The neighbors float about our home as if it’s their own, and no glass is ever empty. My mum tends to stay amongst the party for an hour or so before retreating to her bedroom. She doesn’t relish the attention like my father does, and she doesn’t drink. She says … Continue reading


Book Review: Hyacinths from the Wreckage by Madeleine Beckman

by Laryssa Wirstiuk Hyacinths from the Wreckage By Madeleine Beckman Serving House Books. 105 pp. Available June 1. A former dancer and present Tango enthusiast, poet Madeleine Beckman manages to accomplish a rare feat: fuse body with mind. Entering Beckman’s second full-length collection Hyacinths from the Wreckage, a reader might be reminded of Zen Buddhism, … Continue reading


Poem: M. O. Mc

For Him— Part 1 My palm is branded resembles the Gemini constellation spread as stars after I kept my head in the clouds long the world is happening in only one eye of mines you see, you see I am a man guillotined by anxiety from the inside out of my head, now and, and … Continue reading


Excerpt: Tania Pryputniewicz

From November Butterfly Veil (Guinevere to Melwas) I run. His boot traps my hem. My gown seam holds, my knees strike ground. Bits of stable hay stick to his soles, my palms damp with dream. No one hears but the servant girl who feigns sleep to save our lives.
 I retreat. Between inner and outer … Continue reading


Story: Sean Higgins

Points in Space Rusty wanted to stay in 4th-grade Geometry class forever, until the triangles between the stars burnt out and jagged quadrilaterals dropped from the clouds like dead seagulls. Things were fuzzy at home. His mom went missing three days ago, and he slept on the couch at night while the weather channel droned … Continue reading


Book Review: The Beauty by Jane Hirshfield

by Maggie Trapp The Beauty By Jane Hirshfield Alfred A. Knopf. 112 pp. $26.00 In her new collection of poems, much-loved poet Jane Hirshfield writes in a way that is subtle and staggering. Hirshfield has authored lucid, lovely essays about how and why poetry matters to us all, and she has, over the years, put … Continue reading


Poem: Holly Day

Why There’s Always a Flashlight in the Car Alone in his tent, feverishly tossing, Imagining a broken leg swollen Rattlesnake venom turning his skin black, why Can’t we let go of these visions of mortality once Our children are grown, why are we always the ones who End up driving out to the campsites in … Continue reading


Three Questions: Alan Bray

We featured an excerpt from Alan Bray’s The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes (Bartleby Snopes Press, 2014) in February. He was born in 1954 in Detroit, Michigan, the only child of a sales representative for a railroad and a schoolteacher. He grew up reading books, which at that time, meant adult books, as the availability of children’s books was … Continue reading


Excerpt: Luanne Castle

From Doll God American Girl I am my dream house and convertible. I lie in the wet and dappled grass awaiting pauses breezes and other hesitations. I am the wait. Everyone tests my breast, but I wait only for one. She grips my forehead with intent yanks my head from its roost and puts me … Continue reading


Story: Robert A. Kaufman

Pocahontas The sirens wailed and the students exploded in smiles. They yanked out their iPhone4s and Samsung Galaxys and zipped up their bags. A voice on the loudspeaker: Good aft-uh-noon! We have reports that the tor-NAY- do that’s blowin’ thru North Texas’ll be blowin’ close t’us here. So [beat] as uh safety per-CAUTION, please follow … Continue reading


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