Story: Jessica Critcher

Maybe I couldn’t write. I felt trapped, breathing that same hot air in my apartment, sun beating down into my front room. I packed up my journal and went for a walk, sucking cool harbor breezes into my lungs to purify my sticky, humid mind. Boston is having a spectacular weather day. It’s bright and … Continue reading


Double Dose Poem: Kristin LaTour

Adabel Fixes a Crack It trickles across the kitchen wall. Plaster cracking and peeling. She buys Plaster of Paris, a trowel rolls up her sleeves and draws up a pair of old woolen trousers ties a kerchief over her hair. She recalls frosting her sister’s wedding cake, beating eggs until her arms ached, the importance … Continue reading


Poem: Kristin LaTour

Adabel Knits a Sweater She winds the skeins into balls, the center thread unwinding like a cutlass in reverse. She lotions her hands with lanolin scented with lavender and sits to cast-on the waistband of the back that will cover his shoulders, his back when he bends to draw up a rope. She plans out … Continue reading


Excerpt: Sara Lefsyk

From A Small Man Looked At Me ONE NIGHT I DREMT there was an extremely old man lying next to me in a tunnel of windows where a bird flew wall to wall. But when the old man asked me to describe the bird I couldn’t. I just couldn’t! And because we were in the … Continue reading


Story: Greg Letellier

How to Get Coffee with Your Older Brother Brad Know that with Brad, timing is everything. Catch him at a free moment. This is the toughest part. Due to his OCD, you know by now that he’s not good with sudden changes in his steady schedule. Catch him when he’s just gotten back from work … Continue reading


Mid-Week Feature: Erika Adams & Sandra Marchetti

from A Detail in the Landscape Please click on the image for a closer look. Erika Adams is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in printmaking. She earned a BA in both Art and Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, an MFA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and studied at the Tamarind Institute where … Continue reading


Poem: Margaret Young

Lullaby Drive west with me. Night falling in the jungle night falling on the ocean falling on the children of beasts. Remember when we drove over the cliff into the tunnel, along the path scattered by the yellow moon? Do you remember how new we were, do you remember ocean animals on YouTube, souls along … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: Joe Kapitan

Our ninth episode of the In Place Podcast features stories from Joe Kapitan’s recent set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Joe’s chapbook A Pocket Guide to North American Ghosts won the Lit House Press inaugural prose chapbook contest in 2013, and we were so pleased when he said he would be in … Continue reading


Excerpt: Christopher Linforth

From When You Find Us We Will Be Gone The Lake Ruth held up a large roadmap of Kansas against the passenger-side window. Bright sunlight bled through the thin paper, washing out the towns, blending together the endless miles of farmland. “I think we’re here,” she said, pointing to a red line in the middle. … Continue reading


Story: Ronald Friedman

Exit Strategy “How long you been waiting?” “It feels like I’ve been here forever. Couple hours, maybe.” “You here for an exit pass?” “What else? This piece of crap. Look at that. Four pages. I need two signatures in this section here. What about you?” “Same. It’s closing down fast. Another hour or two and … Continue reading


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