Excerpt: Jen Karetnick

From Brie Season Farm Share “I remember breaking beans,” says Theresa, come to collect her portion of organically raised agriculture – Chinese kale this week, and Japanese shiitake mushrooms. Ruth recalls peeling apples as she tucks away her just-laid eggs; Anne-Britt cracked nuts In her native Sweden; Colleen hulled strawberries and picked mint. For myself, … Continue reading


Story: Ellen McGrath Smith

Varicose Veins Channel-Surfs Before Meeting Her Internet Date I won’t be stood up. I’ve stood up way too much. Toni Brattin’s Beauty Secrets has no cure for vermicular. What if he turns out to be a serial killer? Why can’t my legs be Paris Hilton’s? What of my eyebrows and nosehairs? I tweezed until I … Continue reading


Three Questions: Christopher Linforth

We featured an excerpt from Christopher Linforth’s debut collection of short stories, When You Find Us We Will Be Gone (Lamar University Press, 2014), last summer. Some of the stories were published in Southern Humanities Review, Gargoyle, Swarm, The MacGuffin, and other magazines. Let’s begin with endings. You have been lauded, and rightfully so, for “the … Continue reading


Poem: Michael Mark

My Mother’s Nightmare My mother’s eyes force me into the cave of their bedroom. I am to put my ear to his chest, to know for sure my father is breathing. I wait for him to move, to groan, for my courage to lower my head. This is not my nightmare. The heat, the smell … Continue reading


Excerpt: Alan Bray

From The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes ON THE NORTH SIDE of Chicago, a young man named Kevin dreamed about Istanbul, a city he heard about in stories told by his employer, the old tailor Constantius. It was a place that smelled of spice, filled with tents, painted dolls, and camels. But no—Constantius’ voice would speak inside … Continue reading


Book Review: Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor

by Maggie Trapp Praying Drunk By Kyle Minor Sarabande Books. 196 pp. $15.95 Kyle Minor subtitled his new book “stories, questions,” and this volume is just that. Praying Drunk, which takes its title from an Andrew Hudgins poem, is as much about stories as it is about the whys and wherefores of story, the questions … Continue reading


Poem: Yuan Changming

Y.E.S. Y You are really obsessed with this letter Yes, because it contains all the secrets of Your selfhood: your name begins with it You carry y-chromosome; you wear Y-pants; both your skin and heart are Yellowish; your best poem is titled Y; you seldom seek the balance between Yin and yang; you never want … Continue reading


Three Questions: Edward A. Dougherty

We featured an excerpt from Edward A. Dougherty’s Everyday Objects last summer. He earned an MFA in creative writing from Bowling Green State University and has published two collections of poetry and five chapbooks, the most recent of which is Backyard Passages (2012, FootHills Publishing). Another recent project is a collection of emblems which combine a short verse … Continue reading


Excerpt: John Michael Cummings

From Don’t Forget Me, Bro I was off for West Virginia in a purple Mercury Grand Marquis, apparently the only rental car left in south Park Slope late on a Saturday in spring. As I pulled down Sixth Avenue, the sun was falling between the black rooftops, casting an omen on my journey home. Was … Continue reading


Meet Our New Team!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our expanded editorial team! They are waiting to read your stories and poems. Refer to the submission guidelines for all the details and then make your way over to our online submission manager! Prose Editors Renee Mallett Jackson Shultz Poetry Editors Annmarie O’Connell Donna Vorreyer Assistant Poetry Editor … Continue reading


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