Excerpt: Matthew J. Hall

From Pigeons and Peace Doves She Sedates the Rhino this morning when I was sleeping and you pulled two extra blankets up to my chin I dreamt you were standing over me with a basket of flowers the stems had been removed and the heads were vibrant and heavy deep reds and dark purples vanilla … Continue reading


Story: Cezarija Abartis

Calypso She wore a blue silk dress cut on the bias, falling from her shoulders. When she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, he offered his handkerchief. She slapped it away. The sun had set on the purple water, and night settled around them. She squinted to the west, off the coast, … Continue reading


Poem: David Mathews

Winter Solstice For Julia Cohen No one really knows this—Morgan Le Faye conceals herself in Chicago’s Bridgeport, among the remaining Irish holdouts. We carpooled on one of those Windy City days when people actually die from the cold. Her hazel eyes have seen a thousand years, the slight elf-like smirk in her smile suggests, “I … Continue reading


Three Questions: John Michael Cummings

We featured an excerpt from John Michael Cummings’ Don’t Forget Me, Bro (Stephen F. Austin State University Press) in January. His short stories have appeared in more than seventy-five literary journals, including The Iowa Review, North American Review, The Chattahoochee Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Kenyon Review. Twice he has been nominated for The … Continue reading


Excerpt: Philip Terman

From Our Portion: New and Selected Poems Among the Scribes Didn’t they tell you, all those sages, that the promised land is this moment? Here, now, this late summer air, this dew-drenched field, this thin filament of gossamer between an apple tree and an apple tree? The almost unnoticeable blue jay feather in the unmown … Continue reading


Story: Sonia Feigelson

A Time in Which We Are Have you seen my left sandal? Ivy buys a globe of bright red liqueur, and we all try to figure out how it opens, lying prone in the tall grass out back. Charlotte likes to talk about next year. I get a haircut that makes me look like someone’s … Continue reading


Book Review: The Conversation by Judith Barrington

by Maggie Trapp The Conversation By Judith Barrington Salmon Poetry. 78 pages. $21 It can’t be an accident that the word revenant shows up, by my count, three different times in Judith Barrington’s latest poetry collection, The Conversation. In this new work, Barrington is often concerned with returns and remains, with what leaves and what … Continue reading


Poem: Sandra Faulkner

Make Two With two needles and a ball of string, we learn the art of multiplication– 2 couplets, lovers, dyads, pet rats, not twins like in my preggo horror movie. Two tickets to a concert, a table for 2. Not my favorite number-the rent is past due. II, 2, two ways to write the number, … Continue reading

Three Questions: Lori Lamothe

We featured an excerpt from Lori Lamothe’s Trace Elements (Aldrich Press) in March. She also is the author of Happily (Aldrich Press, forthcoming 2015) and several chapbooks including Ouija in Suburbia (dancing girl press) and Diary in Irregular Ink (ELJ Publications). Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Apeiron Review, failbetter.com, Grey Sparrow … Continue reading


Excerpt: Fred Russell

From The Links in the Chain Gross had decided to do some jogging that Sunday morning. He jogged around the corner to the deli and then he jogged right back again with a bag of bagels and lox. Gross enjoyed watching those yo-yos running around in their underwear like there was no tomorrow. Jogging had … Continue reading


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