Story: Samantha Stier

Portraits Together we look at other people’s portraits. We love self-portraits, especially those by Renoir, who is a master at capturing his inner essence. Our favorite self-portrait is by Norman Rockwell. We like the self-reflexive nature of that one. We like how we become part of the piece just by looking at it. We like … Continue reading


Mid-Week Feature: Kenneth Pobo & Stacy Esch

from When the Light Turns Green Sometimes Loneliness Can’t Be Cured You wake up, head for school where you learn you’re not human, that you can be tortured easily, minute by minute, teachers in on the joke as they turn away, a few joining in. Mom and dad see how withdrawn you’ve become. Mom prays. … Continue reading


Poem: Lori DeSanti

Shadow of a Summer Orange An orange fills the whole of my palm, resting gently across my lifelines; my fingers grip its rind, shape its bowed edges. I hold it toward the sky and align it before the sun, squeeze one eye shut and pretend I am holding the earth. I watch it eclipse the … Continue reading


Three Questions: Marilyn McCabe

We featured an excerpt from Marilyn McCabe’s Perpetual Motion (2012 The Word Works) in the early days of Extract(s). That collection was chosen by judge Gray Jacobik to be part of the Word Works Hilary Tham Capital Collection. Her poem “On Hearing the Call to Prayer Over the Marcellus Shale on Easter Morning” was awarded … Continue reading


Excerpt: Lauren Gordon

From Meaningful Fingers  You Can’t Eat the Grief when grief is eating you because you are hollowed like you have been drinking Drano, but you find yourself in a checkout lane with a bag boy who looks lupine in his beard and those plugs that stretch ear lobes until they are twin strips of silly … Continue reading


Story: Donna Vorreyer

The Alphabet of Avoidance There is no easy way to say it. Words are useless, though there are so many. Cantaloupe. Armageddon. Undulating. (These are a few of my favorites. But they don’t apply to this situation. Well, maybe armageddon.) I sort through the thesaurus to look for some assistance: Blight. Catastrophe. Disaster. Eruption. Fiasco. … Continue reading


Are You a Visual Storyteller?

Our Mid-Week Feature is where we showcase work that presents narratives and poetry in non-traditional ways.  We embrace work that uses visual elements to enhance storytelling and deepen meaning. We are looking for graphic poems, comics, narrative visual art, video poems, short films, and things we haven’t even imagined yet. We encourage collaborative submissions in … Continue reading


Poem: Colin James Sturdevant

Releasing the Sounds of a Chord the clouds outside bellowed & hoarded sound. & my chest still contained swallowed birds. they danced in a blackness behind ribs & each time they neared the edges, a force of web turned them to the center over & over. god was calling, so i concaved the shield that … Continue reading


Three Questions: M. Ayodele Heath

We featured an excerpt from Electronic Corpse: Poems from a Digital Salon, in late-May. Inspired by the Surrealist parlor game, Exquisite Corpse, Electronic Corpse (2014, Svaha Paradox) features collaboratively created poems by 84 authors spanning four continents.  This innovative two-year poetry project, curated by poet M. Ayodele Heath, explores how social media can be used … Continue reading


Poem: John McKernan

My Father Marveled at Halloween We never had this when I was a kid It was All Saints Day & prayers on our knees After his death He became for years The perfect disguise Thin air Each Halloween Each year I have assigned him a new disguise This year he will be a song Mick … Continue reading


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