Book Review: Like a Beggar by Ellen Bass

by Maggie Trapp Like a Beggar By Ellen Bass Copper Canyon Press. 70 pp. $16 Ellen Bass’s poems are at once crushing and uplifting. The feeling you take away after reading her newest collection, Like a Beggar, is one of welcome amazement. In her consistently unsettling and unflappable voice, Bass shepherds her readers through the … Continue reading

Poem: Charlie Weeks

Wooden Dandelions Crusty in meadows Saw dust blown From the desolate farmhouse Where nature’s unmentionables Continue without comment   Sewn on a porch With a rocking chair Slowly eroding The cement replacement   Since the wood broke As the slow burning embers Eventually caved it in With company of sawdust and smoke to sing.   … Continue reading

Three Questions: Michalle Gould

We featured an excerpt from Michalle Gould’s Resurrection Party  (Silver Birch Press, 2014) last fall. She recently moved to Hollywood to work as a librarian, after living in Central Texas for several years. Her first full-length collection of poetry, Resurrection Party, was published in August 2014 by Silver Birch Press, a small independent press located … Continue reading


Excerpt: Lori Lamothe

From Trace Elements Last Picture Show Today the sky is an unsent letter, blank as my mind on hiatus from the month’s train, endlessly clacking over incantations of days. And yes, you really can feel weather about to happen. Above us a storm thrashes in its net until snow sifts down, melting on contact with … Continue reading


Story: Eric Zipper

Julia I. Julia I found her behind a dumpster, six months after the world ended. She had a dirty old dishrag clutched between her tiny fists, her eyes like cloudless sky. She danced, spasmed, flailed away from me, pushed herself against the cool green metal of the dumpster, but didn’t make a sound. I half … Continue reading


Book Review: Vulgar Remedies by Anna Journey

by Maggie Trapp Vulgar Remedies By Anna Journey Louisiana State University Press. 88 pp. $17.95 Anna Journey’s new collection of poems, Vulgar Remedies, startles with its lucid, lovely, electric images. Journey’s poems are visceral, they crack and chirr. They draw you in with their singular content (we read of a boy sucking the speaker’s eyeball, … Continue reading


Poem: Sara Biggs Chaney

A poem inspired by my students who asked, “is freedom even a thing?” I once heard an almost perfect song played by a virtuoso. The longest note ran through the hills of Pennsylvania with a tone like blue thread twining through the sugar maples. Beneath sound, breath: Ranging rasp of iron rafters creaking across clouded … Continue reading


Three Questions: Kathleen Brewin Lewis

We featured an excerpt from Kathleen Brewin Lewis’ Fluent in Rivers (FutureCycle Press, 2014) last fall. She is a Georgia writer who grew up around the marshes, beach and rivers of Savannah. She now lives in Atlanta and hikes the red clay hills of North Georgia and North Carolina with her husband and two grown … Continue reading


Excerpt: Karen Paul Holmes

From Untying the Knot Prelude In her head, she practices diligently, ideas brewing like a Brahms symphony but creativity often misses its cue. It breaks out in short Prokofiev notes (now sonorous, now dissonant), then fades like the harmonics of a chord. She senses overtones of something triumphant: the heralding of Mahler’s French horns or … Continue reading


Story: Katie Martin

Checking-In My mother and I drove west from Phoenix all night, rolling down the windows so the July desert air could pummel our faces and knot our hair. We played a Liza Minnelli CD and sang so loud that our pinched voices smothered her contralto one. We turned off the radio and listened to the … Continue reading


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