Poem: Dawn Paul

Avalanche Always, the lag sound traveling the distance, peak to valley Looking up from green Grindelwald at Jungfrau, white at noon On a flank, blade-sharp against the Swiss blue sky one puff of crystal snow rose trailed off in wind-blown streamers then—a bass drum struck with a cloth mallet That first time, I did not … Continue reading


Three Questions: Greg Letellier

We’ve featured several pieces by Greg Letellier in the past two years. Most recent was an excerpt from his short story collection Paper Heart: Love Stories (Thought Catalog Books) in April. He is a Pushcart Prize nominated fiction writer, book reviewer, and teacher from Biddeford, Maine. He also is the author the limited run of … Continue reading


Story: Christina Tiber

Lobivia Hybrid My cactus died yesterday. My brother died too, but he hated our family and abandoned us when I was four. I mourned for only one. The cactus was small, but he had a large character. Composed of three separate bodies, the succulent was plain, green, and spiny. Under his drab exterior, however, he … Continue reading


Poem: Lucy Dunphy Barsness

Selkie Writing eases all things vinegar, like prodding cool peat with a salt-scorched nose. O the smell of wet earth! I used to carry land and sea in a tic tac box to take like tonic when in a desert or a parking lot. My mother told me that, when I was a girl pup, … Continue reading


Excerpt: J.R. Miller

From Nobody’s Looking Gone Dark Listen close. You can hear it—the rip of skin as the needle rides the line—the first slow swipe, then the second, the third. You hear it inside your head. It drowns out the voices around you—the voices behind the plastic shower curtains that separate each station. It drowns out the … Continue reading


Poem: Rachel Schloss

Open Sea I like to imagine Rumi as a whale, spouting words like water. I don’t know what whales breathe, and Rumi, did he breathe the water he wrote? I want to ask what life is, what it’s meant to be. I decide instead to write it down in words. On Friday, I saw a … Continue reading


Three Questions: Jessica Goodfellow

We featured an excerpt from Jessica Goodfellow’s Mendeleev’s Mandala (Mayapple Press, 2015)  in April. She is also the author of The Insomniac’s Weather Report (Isobar Press, 2014), and her chapbook, A Pilgrim’s Guide to Chaos in the Heartland, won the 2006 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition. Her work has appeared in Best New Poets, Verse Daily, and NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac. Jessica received … Continue reading


Excerpt: Bill Yarrow

From Blasphemer Mother Died Tomorrow nasturtium epoxy ulcer unguent words she can’t define delinquent flamingo invisible powerboat words she can’t pronounce death of Uncle Aminadab anniversary trip to Boulder birth of Joey birth of Joey Jr memories that no longer exist the golf course fire the wedding by the lake the Christmas the car wouldn’t … Continue reading


Story: Mary Camarillo

The Blessing The priest from St. Catherine’s sprinkles holy water over Hermann’s head and starts the rosary. Who are all these people? Hermann wonders, staring out at the crowd clustered around his hospital bed. He recognizes some of the faces, Evelyn, of course, his wife, standing to his right, gripping a shredded Kleenex. Raul, his … Continue reading


Poem: Kushal Poddar

Right After Right after she leaves him he balls a corner of rain, tears it, hurls it at the speck on the horizon she becomes. I rock my chair. Watching anger moving the sky, sweeping darkness into a heap and blazing it with a simple matchstick. I rock and think where did he get the … Continue reading


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