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Three Questions: Soren Melville

We featured an excerpt from Soren Mellville’s S/N/D (Civil Coping Mechanisms) earlier this month. As an illustrator, he has worked for Perigee Books. He spends far too much time on twitter, where, among other things, he runs @DeathMedieval, an account tweeting deaths from medieval coroner’s rolls. Your new book, S/N/D, is two novels–Laura and Black … Continue reading


Excerpt: Melina Draper

From Later the House Stood Empty Possession She wanted it, the gold ring engraved with his name. It beckoned like fate in her backyard. As a boy he lost it poking in the dirt. Because love trumps almost everything, she gave it to me. He whistled through his teeth when he saw it, Mirá! I … Continue reading


Story: Brea Tremblay

Rabbit My dog flips out during thunderstorms. I lie on my back, and she clings to my chest and presses up against my chin. I rub her head and tell her everything is fine. I kiss her furry eyebrows, and she digs her little claws into my neck and shakes. By some miracle of doggy … Continue reading


Poem: JC Bouchard

Déjà Vu 1. A past life, maybe Or the random access Of memory A house on fire An ocean receding I know I have done this Before, my hands on The boot strings Or is it the smell Of damp wood That brings me Back here, a place I’ve never been But mean to 2. … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: The Affordable Tour

Today we launch a new venture for Extracts(s): the In Place Podcast. We won’t lie, this first episode is rough in terms of production–recorded on the fly with an iPhone and put together with very minimal GarageBand skills–but that’s always been part of what we hope to capture with our live In Place features. And … Continue reading


Excerpt: Soren Melville

From S/N/D He walked into the station in an untied hospital gown, feet wet, clothes gathered up against his chest. His hair was too long and hung over one eye. He looked for a bathroom to change in, but there weren’t any. Desks occupied the corners in which they had once stood. Empty white desks. … Continue reading


Story: Susannah Clark

Please click the title below to read today’s story. Peace Corps Reference Susannah Clark is a writer living in Somerville, Mass. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Emerson College, where she teaches teach composition and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published in publications such as CQWeekly, Popmatters, and forthcoming in Rock & … Continue reading

(Archive) Mid-Week Feature: Susan Solomon & Alex Stolis

from A Cabal of Angels “Wings vs Sky” Tabbris; Angel of Self Determination What will be left after you have truly gone: the frayed end of a thread from your sweater; a bare bulb flickering in the closet; a dog-eared book with a coffee stained cover? There is no past. I’ll pick now to remember what … Continue reading


Poem: E. K. Mortenson

“the intransigent necessity of actual empirical evidence” you spend the balance of your days placing light reconstructing and arranging parts of me in a glass cabinet full of here I’m not yours to be touched mostly I’m just mine this isn’t too far but will you settle only for a frozen embrace that will never … Continue reading

Three Questions: Joanna Penn Cooper

We featured an excerpt from Joanna Penn Cooper’s new book The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis last week. She is the author of  the poetry book What Is a Domicile (forthcoming from Noctuary Press) and the chapbooks Mesmer (dancing girl press) and Crown (forthcoming from Ravenna Press). Her creative work has appeared in a number … Continue reading


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