Poem: Toti O’Brien

5 Handmade Poem for Lynne Bronstein 1. One is soft mud I gather in a bucket (bright yellow) then I carry in a shady corner under a citrus tree by the stone wall where I’ll soon stick my first statuette: a brown bear, a primitive bas-relief, my own Altamira. My chest then expands like God’s … Continue reading


Story: Howard Brown

The Boy Who Talked with Crows When we were boys, there was a place on King’s Creek where we used to swim. To get there, you rode your bicycle out to the Sale Barn, turned north on a field road for another quarter-mile or so, stashed your bike in the woods and hiked along the … Continue reading


Poem: Chloe N. Clark

Godzilla Takes Iowa! At night I hear the crickets screaming and I think they better scream because Godzilla is coming and HE will devour them. I have a recent recurring nightmare that Godzilla destroys Ames. Except I’m not sure it’s a nightmare, because in it I am always fine. I watch destruction from the sidelines … Continue reading


Excerpt: Mary Buchinger

From Aerialist Sitting on a Bench in St. Pete I want to see art. For instance, that man with the tanned potbelly, tattoo rippling on his bicep, long grey hair sweeping his shoulder as he walks along the pier holding a casting net. With a sinker from its weighted fringe held between his lips, he … Continue reading


Story: Tammy Delatorre

Acts of Disappearance I. I emerge a sack of cells, a bloodied outer shell; handed to my mother with the umbilical cord still in place. Mother, sweaty and tired, asks the nurse for the surgical sheers. When I try to suckle at her breast, she severs the cord. That’s how she trained me: never express … Continue reading


Poem: Jonathan Travelstead

Aubade, Alaska In Clam Gulch ruddy face-rubbed doors yawn open to frozen strangers. Toyotas, Peterbilts, and Subarus—in them the Samaritans’ feet worry engines past all reason. Hem. A gondola’s cree up a mountain cable. Haw. The low burr of tires grinding wheel wells. __________ Dog, I know you by the sound of cloud-bit, over-mushed huskies … Continue reading


Story: Allie Marini

Bathwater Does this make us alcoholics? He asked from the bathtub. Whatcha mean, us? Hazel asked, lifting from her knees to sit Walter upright against the cool tiles. You’re the one who took a header. She pried a half-empty can of Natty from his hand and set it by the side of the bathtub. He … Continue reading


Poem: Peycho Kanev

Wait The bruised sky hangs above the street just to report that it’s leaving me for good The single begonia in my garden, illuminating the house at night, is leaving me too Hundreds of black birds seeding the sky – Wait Don’t leave me too! Let’s read a book together or write a poem or … Continue reading

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Three Questions: Tania Pryputniewicz

We featured an excerpt from Tania Pryputniewicz’s November Butterfly (2014, Saddle Road Press) in May. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she is the managing poetry editor at The Fertile Source and co-founder of Mother, Writer, Mentor. Recent poetry appeared in the NonBinary Review, Poetry Flash, and Soundings East. Her collaborative micro movies feature … Continue reading


Poem: Janelle Rainer

The Addict That bitter cigarette smell hangs on him like a drunk and stumbling friend, but I can’t tell him—he’s trying to quit the other thing and one vice at a time, please. So when he comes in from the porch I just smile, wipe the rain from his forehead and want to love the … Continue reading


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