Poem: Colin James Sturdevant

Releasing the Sounds of a Chord the clouds outside bellowed & hoarded sound. & my chest still contained swallowed birds. they danced in a blackness behind ribs & each time they neared the edges, a force of web turned them to the center over & over. god was calling, so i concaved the shield that … Continue reading


Three Questions: M. Ayodele Heath

We featured an excerpt from Electronic Corpse: Poems from a Digital Salon, in late-May. Inspired by the Surrealist parlor game, Exquisite Corpse, Electronic Corpse (2014, Svaha Paradox) features collaboratively created poems by 84 authors spanning four continents.  This innovative two-year poetry project, curated by poet M. Ayodele Heath, explores how social media can be used … Continue reading


Poem: John McKernan

My Father Marveled at Halloween We never had this when I was a kid It was All Saints Day & prayers on our knees After his death He became for years The perfect disguise Thin air Each Halloween Each year I have assigned him a new disguise This year he will be a song Mick … Continue reading


Excerpt: Alex Stolis

From Justice for All S.B. May 30th 2002 I don’t have anything to say. I am just sorry about what I did. Remember your first taste of the body of Christ. A brittle snap in a dry throat, then silence. Unrepentant and ready to bring back to life that once upon a time: when a … Continue reading


Story: David James

A Story Problem No one knows how these things happen; he decided to live a decent and faithful life from here on. Up to this point, his list of wrongs, faults, grievances, and errors could fill a book. But he decided he could erase that dark past one good deed at a time, with the … Continue reading


Mid-Week Feature: Andrew Abbott

from i live in world soup Courtesy of garner narrative       Statement: I don’t live between two worlds because worlds aren’t like sheets. I live in world soup. I am trying to make paintings that are entertaining. I want people to hallucinate when they look at them. Sometimes I think they are alive. Sometimes … Continue reading


Poem: donnarkevic

Flight Plan Her bruised fingers, defensive wounds, run along the rim of the mattress like a child threads a blanket through hands seeking comfort. He snores. In the upstairs apartment, a needle scratches out Neil Young’s, Harvest, the faint lyrics of A Man Needs a Maid. Her 7-Eleven girlfriend gave her the gun, a lump … Continue reading


Three Questions: Michael J Seidlinger

We featured an excerpt from Michael J Seidlinger’s latest novel, The Fun We’ve Had (Lazy Fascist Press), in May. He is the author of a number of novels, including The Laughter of Strangers and The Sky Conducting. He serves as the Reviews Editor for Electric Literature as well as Publisher-in-Chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms, an … Continue reading


Excerpt: Floyd Cheung

From Jazz at Manzanar Jazz at Manzanar “That was jazzy.” ~ the emcee at the annual pilgrimage to the Manzanar National Historic Site, 2007 Three men, white-haired and buzz-cut, led us in the pledge of allegiance, but after the first twelve words, they could not agree, except that their versions were half as long as … Continue reading


Story: Kevin Callaway

Un-Ambulation Bodies grind-shift through the Los Padre mountains, looping around pine trees and dry rivers. Shadows tag onto lifting lights. The valley is sunk. I’ve climbed this range too many times and by that I mean I’m indistinguishable—racing in the dark and never really cresting before the sun—sermoning to the broke-down-boys of our generation. We … Continue reading


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