Second Sunday Featuring Derek JG Williams

Poet Derek JG Williams was the feature at the Second Sunday Reading Series & Open Mic at Eastern Point Lit House yesterday and we decided to try our hand at a Google Hangout on Air. This is an edited version of the result—you get his reading in its entirety, but the intro and close are … Continue reading



Well now you’ve done it! Because of your support we’ve made it to 100,000 all-time views since we started this crazy experiment two and a half years ago. We haven’t been perfect (and you haven’t complained ) and we will never be able to express our deep and sincere gratitude. We wouldn’t be here without … Continue reading


Wanted: Excerpts from Your New Book (or one you love)!

Do you have a new book or chapbook out on an independent press? Do you have one forthcoming in the next three months? Then send it to us for consideration for this spot right here! Each Friday we excerpt new and forthcoming books from independent presses (and occasionally larger publishers) and we just can’t keep … Continue reading


Story: Shay Siegel

Tonsillectomy There is a construction worker with a plastic yellow hat ordering six cups of water. He’s inches away from me. I want to ask if I can have one but I’m strapped down in a bed. I see a doctor with a blue shower cap on. No, I’m not strapped down, I just can’t … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: Cori A. Winrock

Our eleventh episode of the In Place Podcast features poems from Cori A. Winrock’s July set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. When we asked Margaret Young to read she suggested Cori join her and we were totally wowed. If you host readings and would like them to be featured in the podcast, … Continue reading


Poem: Ronald E. Shields

Drunk Tank Warrior, Minneapolis What words will you sing when you die? What song will you chant into the next world? The old drunk accused me of having a white man’s soul which is worse than none at all. The migration of hummingbirds is easy to miss. Flitting from flower to flower it is difficult … Continue reading


In Place Podcast: Margaret Young

Our tenth episode of the In Place Podcast features poems from Margaret Young’s July set at Eastern Point Lit House in Gloucester, MA. Margaret hosted a terrific Writer’s Book Club for EPLH, and we couldn’t wait to hear her read. If you host readings and would like them to be featured in the podcast, contact … Continue reading


Excerpt: Kelly DuMar

From All These Cures How You Know a Poem is Finished No one knows what it is you’re seeking. You bargain and begin. Soon enough, fail. So many more beginnings than you bargained for. If you find a draft you love a little, hate a lot, sleep. Wake and revise to the point of ruin. … Continue reading


Story: Jessica Critcher

Maybe I couldn’t write. I felt trapped, breathing that same hot air in my apartment, sun beating down into my front room. I packed up my journal and went for a walk, sucking cool harbor breezes into my lungs to purify my sticky, humid mind. Boston is having a spectacular weather day. It’s bright and … Continue reading


Double Dose Poem: Kristin LaTour

Adabel Fixes a Crack It trickles across the kitchen wall. Plaster cracking and peeling. She buys Plaster of Paris, a trowel rolls up her sleeves and draws up a pair of old woolen trousers ties a kerchief over her hair. She recalls frosting her sister’s wedding cake, beating eggs until her arms ached, the importance … Continue reading


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