Lit House Press

Lit House Press is the mothership for Extract(s) as well as the imprint for the Extract(s) anthology and a beautiful collections of prose and poetry. You can find out more at the Lit House Press site.

Our current catalog features the following titles:

allthesecuresfrontcover_final_webAll These Cures, Kelly DuMar
Winner of our 2014 poetry chapbook contest
Read an excerpt

responsibiltyfrontcover_finalResponsibility, Kelsie Hahn
Winner of our 2014 prose chapbook contest
Read an excerpt

naghosts_front_coverA Pocket Guide to North American Ghosts, Joe Kapitan
Winner of our inaugural prose chapbook contest
Read an excerpt

Cover Image: “Miner,” by Stacy EschPlacemats, Kenneth Pobo
Winner of our inaugural poetry chapbook contest
Read an excerpt

bod_front_coverBearers of Distance: Poems by Runners, Martin Elwell, Jenn Monroe eds.
A collection of running-inspired poems written by runners.
Read excerpts here


4 Responses to “Lit House Press”
  1. joseph reich says:

    aww shucks any chance consider a damn fine chap at the present time?

    all my best,


  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    I stumbled into the poem “Bread,” which is gorgeous and I just hit Follow. But it would be great if you had a button that would let me follow you via email instead on in the WordPress reader, which I seldom bother to check.

    • We do! “Follow Blog By Email” will get our posts to your inbox every morning. It is on the top left side of the Home page. Just enter your email address and click the “Follow” button.

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