Poem: Rachel Schloss


Open Sea I like to imagine Rumi as a whale, spouting words like water. I don’t know what whales breathe, and Rumi, did he breathe the water he wrote? I want to ask what life is, what it’s meant to be. I decide instead to write it down in words. On Friday, I saw a … Continue reading

Poem: Kushal Poddar


Right After Right after she leaves him he balls a corner of rain, tears it, hurls it at the speck on the horizon she becomes. I rock my chair. Watching anger moving the sky, sweeping darkness into a heap and blazing it with a simple matchstick. I rock and think where did he get the … Continue reading

Poem: Bénédicte Kusendila


#Used A song fell out of his coat. I believe it’s yours, he said. Or: I should get that hole fixed. Something along those lines. As a teenager/student, some of  Bénédicte Kusendila’s poems in Afrikaans were published in Belgium, where she grew up. In a former life, she was a member of the South-African Afrikaans … Continue reading

Poem: Jennifer Finstrom


Pre-Raphaelite Morning: Paintings on the Beach* Sunrise hammers the lake into flattened metal, and two crisp swallows detail the sky. Hunt or Millais might have painted this scene, the playground equipment intensely cobalt as it waits unused, surrounded by slender, newly planted trees. No one sits in the slightly moving swing. Not a young girl … Continue reading

Poem: Monique Gagnon German


What I’m Driving At In the space between songs on the disk, I decide: lane change, hear tic-tic in the silence between strands of music, as if the blinker is talking to the white line beneath saying yes, this is my intent and the line suddenly breaks up laughing in agreement. It is easy to … Continue reading

Poem: Meggie Royer


Scenes from a Marriage Grandmother dug him out of the lake next to the wood, his fingers curled around reeds, pockets threaded with silt. A small frog tucked into his cufflinks, their silver long tarnished into copper, its belly bloated with sound. We sat him at the dinner table; she wanted to place an orange … Continue reading

Poem: George Freek


Willows in the Wind After Tu Fu There are clouds in the distance, but they pay me no mind. They exist in other worldly time. I’m out of sorts. I feel things are not right. Stars like knives slice up this night. The moon gives small light. I see nothing. There’s nothing to see, nothing … Continue reading

Poem: David Mathews


Winter Solstice For Julia Cohen No one really knows this—Morgan Le Faye conceals herself in Chicago’s Bridgeport, among the remaining Irish holdouts. We carpooled on one of those Windy City days when people actually die from the cold. Her hazel eyes have seen a thousand years, the slight elf-like smirk in her smile suggests, “I … Continue reading

Poem: Sandra Faulkner


Make Two With two needles and a ball of string, we learn the art of multiplication– 2 couplets, lovers, dyads, pet rats, not twins like in my preggo horror movie. Two tickets to a concert, a table for 2. Not my favorite number-the rent is past due. II, 2, two ways to write the number, … Continue reading

Story: Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois


Tuba The Santa Ana winds shaped me. Their power sucked the cigarette from my fingers and drove it deep into chaparral. The Editors: Do not send short stories that turn out to be all a dream. The fire was preordained. I could have stayed in Hoboken N.J. and the fire still would have blazed and … Continue reading


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