Poem: Harold Whit Williams


Lines Composed Upon Hearing You’ve Touched Down Safely Who are these that fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows? – Isaiah 60:8 O my peregrine beloved, you stormcloud chaser, You blue sky gypsy! I can finally exhale to whisper A prayer of thanks to any and all deities above, Below, make-believe or … Continue reading

Poem: James Cook

The Fool

The Fool admits he grew up in a mall-addled suburb Independence Mall Food Court, I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of pretending. When I was very young, I lived for a few years on a busy street corner with commerce and civic and religious institutions nearby. And I’ve come back to that. But I … Continue reading

Poem: Andrew Nurkin


Six Panes 1 If I opened the window in the middle of my chest, if I opened it, I could not stand the singing inside me to spill out and acquire the world’s watery silence, if I opened it. 2 At first, under the wilting lilacs, I rested, as at a farmhouse sill beyond which, … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Sally Deskins & Laura Madeline Wiseman


from Leave of Absence: An Illustrated Guide to Common Garden Affection   Sally Deskins is an artist, art writer and writer. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in Omaha, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Ohio and Chicago; and has been published in publications such as Certain Circuits, Weave Magazine, and Painters & Poets. She has … Continue reading

Poem: Mary Buchinger


Passage of Time in Paute, Ecuador Doesn’t here. No minutes nipped off the sun’s stage, a day’s a day’s a day, June, January; what changes, only the moon hanging off the Southern Cross elusive, in this narrow sky scraped into furrows by ever-lasting peaks; absent in this time of drought, a wet to alternate with … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Elizabeth Mastrangelo


Reclamation: A Prose Poetry Filmscript inspired by Gregory Crewdson photography   Elizabeth Mastrangelo’s main trade is teaching English to ninth- and eleventh-graders at an all-boys prep school. At night, she attends Emerson College’s MFA program in Creative Writing as a Dean’s Fellow. Liz freelances in her free time, ghostwriting romance novellas and website copy. She … Continue reading

Poem: Rose Hunter


[dust] when i went with him to the plaza of the snail and we ate ice cream under a plastic leaf next to one of those garbage boxes in one of those cordoned off lounges just over from the food court. the lights were dim and i choked for the second time that day and … Continue reading

Mid-Week Feature: Kenneth Pobo & Stacy Esch


from When the Light Turns Green Sometimes Loneliness Can’t Be Cured You wake up, head for school where you learn you’re not human, that you can be tortured easily, minute by minute, teachers in on the joke as they turn away, a few joining in. Mom and dad see how withdrawn you’ve become. Mom prays. … Continue reading

Poem: Lori DeSanti


Shadow of a Summer Orange An orange fills the whole of my palm, resting gently across my lifelines; my fingers grip its rind, shape its bowed edges. I hold it toward the sky and align it before the sun, squeeze one eye shut and pretend I am holding the earth. I watch it eclipse the … Continue reading

Poem: Colin James Sturdevant


Releasing the Sounds of a Chord the clouds outside bellowed & hoarded sound. & my chest still contained swallowed birds. they danced in a blackness behind ribs & each time they neared the edges, a force of web turned them to the center over & over. god was calling, so i concaved the shield that … Continue reading


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