Excerpt: Russ Woods


From Wolf Doctors The Play Where I Was A Very Old House You Lived In When we left the opening of the play we saw where I was an old house you lived in, we both agreed it wasn’t very good. You looked beautiful, in your linen dress, and my hair was perfect, and fit … Continue reading

Excerpt: Jen Karetnick


From Prayer of Confession Arrival: A Love Villanelle for Haiti Nou led, nou la. “We are ugly, but we are here,” you say through the cracks of your lips, your hands coated with the dust that masks any succor. Your breasts may fall like bricks but still pucker for the mouths of fashion-blind infants: Nou … Continue reading

Excerpt: B. D. Fischer


From Slowly But Thoroughly I arrived in Southern City barely a man, fresh from an unsuccessful stint with a large financial conglomerate in Northern City, that principal American metropolis, that ended with an escort out of the building (our offices were on the 22nd floor), the flabby uniformed guard’s soaking hand heavy and staining the … Continue reading

Excerpt: Melina Draper


From Later the House Stood Empty Possession She wanted it, the gold ring engraved with his name. It beckoned like fate in her backyard. As a boy he lost it poking in the dirt. Because love trumps almost everything, she gave it to me. He whistled through his teeth when he saw it, Mirá! I … Continue reading

Excerpt: Soren Melville


From S/N/D He walked into the station in an untied hospital gown, feet wet, clothes gathered up against his chest. His hair was too long and hung over one eye. He looked for a bathroom to change in, but there weren’t any. Desks occupied the corners in which they had once stood. Empty white desks. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Joanna Penn Cooper


From The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis When I was a teenager, I knew a thing or two. I stayed in my room being skinny and having bangs, listening to Bauhaus and lifting 3 lb weights. I drew pretty good portraits of my own face. I learned to drive stick, and I would drive farther … Continue reading

Excerpt: Joseph Riippi


From Because I want a library like those in great English manors, complete with a ladder-track and leatherback chairs like thrones. I want a house capable of housing tapestries. I want a home where a tapestry would not seem absurd. I want a coat of arms, a magnolia etched in coarse thread and profiled pack-mules … Continue reading

Excerpt: Carol Berg


From Her Vena Amoris The Woman Holding A Flood In Her Mouth She wonders if it’s her body’s way of spring cleaning winter’s tangled solitary thoughts. She feels the veins’ yank. Feels the flatly buried deep lust thicken in the muck. Feels lust’s wriggling begin each day in her esophagus. She wonders if she should … Continue reading

Excerpt: Christina Lovin


From ECHO Echo I August 1960 Prairie town: hot August nights when the corn with its narrow spaces like confessionals can hide a girl who wants to share the cool green secrets and learn the names of all things dark and wild. Who talks with the incessant chat of crickets, talks to the deepness between … Continue reading

Excerpt: Meg Eden


From Girl Who Came Back The Motherland Mother took me to Enchanted Forest once. She had to call ahead of time. At the front gate, there was a cheap carousel installed. They said it was in bad shape, but if she wanted to go in she could. They tried to warn her. As I got … Continue reading


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