Excerpt: Mary Buchinger


From Aerialist Sitting on a Bench in St. Pete I want to see art. For instance, that man with the tanned potbelly, tattoo rippling on his bicep, long grey hair sweeping his shoulder as he walks along the pier holding a casting net. With a sinker from its weighted fringe held between his lips, he … Continue reading

Excerpt: Katherine Howe


From The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen “Would you tell her to sit down?” Tyler hisses. He’s squinting through the eyepiece of the camera that we’ve signed out from the AV department supply closet. It’s a 16 millimeter, so it’s not like there was a waiting list or anything. I’m not even sure they’d notice … Continue reading

Excerpt: Douglas Piccinnini


From Story Book What did I love? Things about me that I didn’t enjoy. Like an uncomfortable humidity following me into every room. I have trouble in trying to say what I think I know. I may be wrong. And I’ll write something like, “The white light of autumn addresses you in this room.” Or, … Continue reading

Excerpt: Nicole Rollender


From Absence of Stars Necessary Work Roman poets put skulls in their love poems – the mortal with the immortal, the dark in the brilliant death-light; the plum falling from its long branch, then sweetly decomposing. The excruciating parting of our two bodies, that was necessary. Your tiny body – you can’t even drink my … Continue reading

Excerpt: J.R. Miller


From Nobody’s Looking Gone Dark Listen close. You can hear it—the rip of skin as the needle rides the line—the first slow swipe, then the second, the third. You hear it inside your head. It drowns out the voices around you—the voices behind the plastic shower curtains that separate each station. It drowns out the … Continue reading

Excerpt: Bill Yarrow


From Blasphemer Mother Died Tomorrow nasturtium epoxy ulcer unguent words she can’t define delinquent flamingo invisible powerboat words she can’t pronounce death of Uncle Aminadab anniversary trip to Boulder birth of Joey birth of Joey Jr memories that no longer exist the golf course fire the wedding by the lake the Christmas the car wouldn’t … Continue reading

Excerpt: Kristine Ong Muslim


From A Roomful of Machines Closetland They are frisky—those hanged creatures of texture and boneless machinists. Halved, they entertain aggression, rustle like itinerant peapods. They have no reason to simulate body language. My fingers disappear in the boundary between fabric and air. I want to breathe with them, pat their seams, squeeze the trapped light … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sarah Sousa


From Split the Crow Honey Out of the Rock after Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative Foul is savory, water sweet. We glean from fields trampled in the fighting: sheaves of crickled wheat. I hide two ears of corn beneath my apron. Horse liver roasted over coals bleeds bile on my tongue, horse’s ears and feet, ruff … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sarah Ann Winn


From Portage Float July fourth. Baseball’s on the radio, a steady hum from the garage outlasts the locusts for an inning. Tonight the fireworks will splay and fall over the lake, but now in the lull after picnic, a little work sweetens the languor. A hymn of mending to be done, perpetual hum in work … Continue reading

Excerpt: Myfanwy Collins


From The Book of Laney I’d been staring at the fire for a long time when Meme offered me lunch. “I’m not hungry,” I said. Meme rolled her eyes at me and sat herself down at the table anyway. She ate an enormous sandwich made on homemade bread. It looked good and I was hungry, … Continue reading


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