Excerpt: Greg Letellier


From Paper Heart: Love Stories Summer Fling Jenny and I liked to sit in the darkness. It was the summer, and we liked the beach at night where the only visible light was emitted from the moon, the stars. We especially liked movie theaters, magical venues where we could suspend our disbelief and indulge in … Continue reading

Excerpt: Lynn Pedersen


From Tiktaalik, Adieu Begin No plans and preparations without first having a vision, like an angel appearing to you in your bedchamber, or thought slipping in as you butter your toast, stir your coffee. And how to know what to pack, especially for a trip to where no one’s ever been? Easier to follow a … Continue reading

Excerpt: Gail Thomas


From Waving Back All Hallows I feared grandmother’s faded corset draped over the shower bar, laces dangling like naked pink worms. And the way my gentle father morphed to monster when faced with a leaky faucet or faulty lock. On Halloween I did not want to be a princess, though rescue seemed exciting in an … Continue reading

Excerpt: Jessica Goodfellow


From Mendeleev’s Mandala Self-Portrait, with Vertigo If my range of vision is imagined as a clock face, it’s toward eleven that I cannot tilt my head without my inner ear shaking like a snow globe, setting otoliths awhirl in a blizzard of dizzy. The specialist calmly explained, There’s nothing to be done. From now on, … Continue reading

Excerpt: Ace Boggess


From The Prisoners “Why Would Anybody Be Bad?” —Kurt Vonnegut, Jailbird Grit or bone, it’s all just meat in the mouth. Maybe you have to pick the lock, maybe steal a loaf from the baker’s window (how honeydewed that fresh bread tastes to the nostrils, to the fingertips). Not like you haven’t tried it, sniffed … Continue reading

Excerpt: Tayve Neese


From Blood to Fruit Coyote 1 Muzzle lifted, what she sniffs out is this broken world—pierces its jugular to see if it still gives pulse. What she knows is trapped in her throat and if she spoke, you would turn into the alder whose branches snapped, unable to bear weight of ice and light. 2 … Continue reading

Excerpt: Emily O’Neill


From Pelican Caught in Bruce’s Mouth We spent my first Jaws summer landlocked which was good, because the fear wore off quick. I replaced it with close study. How the size? Why the jaw? Jersey
 beach terror of 1916. Bull. Rogue. Frenzy. My father said the sound went mostly empty the year the fiction broke. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Lori Lamothe


From Trace Elements Last Picture Show Today the sky is an unsent letter, blank as my mind on hiatus from the month’s train, endlessly clacking over incantations of days. And yes, you really can feel weather about to happen. Above us a storm thrashes in its net until snow sifts down, melting on contact with … Continue reading

Excerpt: Karen Paul Holmes


From Untying the Knot Prelude In her head, she practices diligently, ideas brewing like a Brahms symphony but creativity often misses its cue. It breaks out in short Prokofiev notes (now sonorous, now dissonant), then fades like the harmonics of a chord. She senses overtones of something triumphant: the heralding of Mahler’s French horns or … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sandra Marchetti


From Confluence Peninsula A washed ring of sounds, rocks glazed with boat music. Clouds soot the forests in delicate black salt. A dead fish—bass or bluegill— is half-gone back to the rocks and beyond, lies no-eyed on the shoreline. Its extant others—us in canoes and kayaks— merge to the white strait horizon and wish to … Continue reading


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