Excerpt: Meg Eden


From A Week with Beijing Beijing and I Meet For the First Time When I first met Beijing, she said, What’re you doing here? It’s not the Olympics yet. I tried to tell her I was here to see her country, to get away from my home, but she tried to sell me bootleg plushes … Continue reading

Excerpt: Michelle Bailat-Jones


From Fog Island Mountains The day ticks along, morning has passed on into afternoon, and now we are moving closer to evening and somewhere out over the ocean the winds have started pressing the storm toward us, we can feel it if we pay attention, a thickening in the air, a smell of heavy rain, … Continue reading

Excerpt: Lisa Mangini


From Bird Watching at the End of the World Bird Watching at the End of the World (ii) It starts with a certain stillness — a wing held up at a right angle, head cocked as if the grackle is watching me back. It is hard to see clearly from here, but perhaps he holds … Continue reading

Excerpt: Michalle Gould


From Resurrection Party Tonight, the Clouds Tonight, the clouds Are tired of flying Above the earth Like hostages, Suspended by chains They long for rest They long for the day When the ground Will accept them They will sleep On its surface In pools of puddled white In their place The heavens will be strewn … Continue reading

Excerpt: Kathleen Brewin Lewis


From Fluent in Rivers Eggshell The morning is a chiffon scarf. A child steps out into soft light, a spotted egg cupped in his hands. I rest my palm on the place where his bowed head meets his slim neck. Sometimes this is prophecy, sometimes recollection. To touch him this way is always a blessing. … Continue reading

Wanted: Excerpts from Your New Book (or one you love)!


Do you have a new book or chapbook out on an independent press? Do you have one forthcoming in the next three months? Then send it to us for consideration for this spot right here! Each Friday we excerpt new and forthcoming books from independent presses (and occasionally larger publishers) and we just can’t keep … Continue reading

Excerpt: Kelly DuMar


From All These Cures How You Know a Poem is Finished No one knows what it is you’re seeking. You bargain and begin. Soon enough, fail. So many more beginnings than you bargained for. If you find a draft you love a little, hate a lot, sleep. Wake and revise to the point of ruin. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Sara Lefsyk


From A Small Man Looked At Me ONE NIGHT I DREMT there was an extremely old man lying next to me in a tunnel of windows where a bird flew wall to wall. But when the old man asked me to describe the bird I couldn’t. I just couldn’t! And because we were in the … Continue reading

Excerpt: Christopher Linforth


From When You Find Us We Will Be Gone The Lake Ruth held up a large roadmap of Kansas against the passenger-side window. Bright sunlight bled through the thin paper, washing out the towns, blending together the endless miles of farmland. “I think we’re here,” she said, pointing to a red line in the middle. … Continue reading

Excerpt: Edward A. Dougherty


From Everyday Objects Twins Your parents were full of joy —and weariness—when you were born, and the people thronged the capital straining our voices in a song against war. You pushed into a world of lungs and blood, where compassion and fear contend. Washington, that marbled city, in October becomes a delicate loveliness, where the … Continue reading


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