Excerpt: David Appelbaum

From The Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloea

edisachloe_facebook (2)Doesn’t life grow strangely devious? My hands now bear scars from wounds 
not recalled. Even a smile reaches for proof too often. There is innocence, 
an uncannycandle to show the album. Did we live through another? That 
fog-bound island we ate periwinkles our first day?

The Bavarian swiftly
filled us until it bulged,

because the point, Edisa
padding truth, is
powder and more powder

We must try through
his eyes to see
how you come
hard thinking
him inside 

To Chloe:

the nonpareil in Sears 
remember to order 
new castaways

     it’s not always 
the same when it arrives

fine cloth disdains 

            she eschews 
to wear a slip a season
or to lurk in

     ice cream 
her tongue 
almond bitter

To Edisa—

by her sew kit 
gazar from the Indies

     Did you 
want something to make

          from the box 
you stowed Homer’s ghost in
with the zinc fob 
Father took umbrage
          during dinner 
feeling it could lead to
some whither 
     Is azure the wrong
way to start a disagreement?

David Appelbaum lives in the Shawangunk Mountains. His work has appeared in APR, Commonweal, Rhino, and Harpur Palate. His recent books include Jiggerweed (Finishing Line Press, 2011) and Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe, which is available now from Codhill Press and SUNY Press.

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