Holiday Hiatus


We are on a holiday hiatus from posts until January 1, 2013, but our submission manager is OPEN! We are looking for poetry, prose, Haiku/visual art combinations, excerpts, and chapbooks. We are looking forward to reading your work.

Excerpt: Keith S. Wilson


From Kinder Meal Arachne Adjusts To Her Body She lets a finger rise up each ribbed- leg, probing her hollows. Strange. But nothing has changed. She is still more woman than any god. New Jersey Fairy Tale “…and who pray to Hecate and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker [Hades], easily the glorious goddess gives great catch, and … Continue reading

Story: Alex Aro


Boxes His voice isn’t familiar but his words are. He says he knows we haven’t spoken in years and apologizes for it. I can hear him pacing on the other end of the line, tapping things and then a shriek of glass shattering. Really, I tell him, no need to be sorry. Give me the … Continue reading

(Archive) Haiku: Chaitali Banerjee


I long for you in fragrant summer breeze under the lemon tree. Chaitali Banerjee lives in Niskayuna, NY. She writes travel narratives, essays and short poems. Her work has appeared in Orion Magazine’s The Place Where You Live.

Poem: Reanna Esmail


Susan Miller Did Not Address This In My May Horoscope I keep checking my messages. Sometimes, I read my horoscope more than I read the news. I stared at myself in the mirror naked yesterday for 30 minutes, And wondered if there was something you hadn’t liked. I read my horoscope more than I read … Continue reading

(Archive) In Place: Justin Taylor’s “Amber at the Window in Hurricane Season”


We heard Justin Taylor read “Amber at the Window in Hurricane Season,” the opening story in his debut collection Everything Here Is The Best Thing Ever (Harper Perennial, 2010), one summer and were lucky to convince him to share part of it for In Place. We were struck by his characters and how invested we … Continue reading

Excerpt: Christina Lovin


From A Stirring in the Dark Little Fires I. There are witnesses. There were plans: Bats would be eased into cold sleep deep in the bellies of bombers, strapped with incendiary explosives the size and shape of their young, so as not to alarm, but rather when warmed and wakened, encourage their swift flights to … Continue reading

Story: Jean Harper


Cliff We go on a hike. The trail is steep, up a mountain. There are switchbacks. It is hot. My second husband is carrying a camera. Perhaps I am too. The trail twists and turns, up and up. The view is far, blue, wide open. There is a river, flat green plains, more hills. All … Continue reading

(Archive) Haiku: Frances LeMoine

Wishing, by Frances LeMoine

mornings’ alarming color sharded as bantam bruise-blue wings alight and mute these too-long days Frances LeMoine has had two collections of poetry published, The Moon Makes No Difference to Me (Asterius Press) and Bourbon Skin(Lummox Press). Her poems have been published widely, with several translated into Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Romanian and French. In addition to … Continue reading

Poem: Lori Lamothe


Victoriana A map of sex, that’s what you called it. Not positions and body parts but a criss-cross of relationships. Illicit circuits diagrammed and calibrated a delegation traveling overseas times the members of the same cul-de-sac equals the geometry of pheromones humming at acute angles. What was hidden by day neon in darkness, lovers revolving … Continue reading


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