Excerpt: Christopher Shipman


From I Carved Your Name We Met When I Moved to Baton Rouge I never know where to begin. The end is never the horizon. The beginning is Baton Rouge is just another town without her always white. Trains horse around in the absence of snow. Did she spring from my spine or did she … Continue reading

Story: Beth Ann Miller


Up Here “Look at this,” Anna says to me. “I started a garden.” This is the first time she’s invited me over since I moved out a couple months ago and I’m sure our mother pressured her to call. I can tell Anna isn’t ready to see me yet; she’s chewing the ends of her … Continue reading

(Archive) Haiku: Rich Boucher


You are an exam. A quiz I fail like a fool in love’s dim classroom. Rich Boucher has published four chapbooks of poetry and once hosted poetry slam in Newark, Delaware. Since moving to Albuquerque, NM in 2008, Rich has performed all over Duke City, and his poems have appeared in Adobe Walls: An Anthology … Continue reading

Poem: Michael Dwayne Smith


To a Murdered Boyhood Neighbor No brilliantly colored macaws in the photo, only the wire of the aviary, then your head, inclined slightly backward. Later that summer, some men shot you. Other people threw you in an ambulance, the morgue, a grave. I confess, my feeling barely noticed your grim end, though we were neighbors, … Continue reading

(Archive) In Place: Janet Barry’s “Three Acts, as if in the company of Lovers”


Janet Barry is a musician and poet with works published or forthcoming in dozens of journals and anthologies including Ragged-Sky, Off-the-Coast, Cider Press Review, Canary, Tygerburning, Solidus, and New Mirage Journal. She serves yearly as a judge for Poetry Out Loud, and received a Pushcart Nomination for her poems “Winter Barn” and, most recently,  “Commandment.” … Continue reading

Excerpt: Ana Carrete


From Baby Babe the big ones eat the little ones my little sister whistles and records it then plays it over and over again and i high-five her because i can’t whistle we laugh for a long while my sister says things in french and i like how things sound she’s learning and i’m just … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from Extract(s)


Enjoy your holiday celebration. We’ll be back tomorrow with more great daily doses of lit!

(Archive) Haiku: Glen Burgess


Bent to the task Lone figure diminished At home, a name Glen Burgess lives in Manchester, NH. When he is not bringing robots and other industrial machinery to life, he is busy raising is daughter with his wife and taking photographs of the world around him. He can be reached by email.

Poems: Kenny Fame


Kwansaba: Donna Summer Trademark hair out to there. Red lipstick stamped to the seventies like a napkin. String of hits kept spinning like disco balls. Spinning like memories of needle’s stuck in the groove of an LP– repeating like an eight-track tape. Stuck in the dashboard of my dad’s old Buick. Cinquain: Firecracker for Laverne … Continue reading

Our Pushcart Prize Nominees


We here at Extract(s) are pleased to announce our nominees for the 2013 Pushcart Prize. Pushcart Press has published this anthology every year since 1976, and it is considered the most honored literary project in America. Our nominees are: Janet Barry, “Commandment” Jennifer Gravley, “Martini” Elizabeth Hilts, “March 18, 1972” Matthew Ostapchuk, “My Father’s Library” … Continue reading


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