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    One of our primary goals when we began our literary adventure was to create a press of our own to add more great work to your bookshelves and e-readers. Today we are happy to announce the creation of Eastern Point Press and invite you to submit your work to our inaugural chapbook contest in fiction … Continue reading

    Poem: Jennifer Perrine


    To Chant Back the Summer of us, three lazy queens enshrined on plastic lounge chairs, our long hair dreaded with chlorine. Never bored, we planted our sun-flecked selves like hostas in shade by the poolside, or grew less domestic, tube-topped honeysuckle, two-toned when nude, flowers opened by the evening, fragrant pollen waft in the dusk. … Continue reading

    In Place Live: Paul Hostovsky


    We first featured Paul Hostovsky’s fantastic poetry in June. We are so happy to have him as part of our In Place LIVE series. These two poems were captured at Jenn’s poetry open mic night at Crackskulls Coffee & Books in Newmarket, NH. Paul’s poems have been featured on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, The Writer’s … Continue reading

    Excerpt: Socrates Adams


    From Everything’s Fine Shirt tie shoes jacket. Here I am. Sitting nervously in a room on the top floor of the office. This is my boss’s floor. I am waiting for my superior to come and assess my performance over this last month. My performance has not been good. My performance has been bad. The … Continue reading

    Story: Robert Egan


    Rock on the Hill Jeffrey wishes he were a rock. Eyes squeezed shut, he hunches among the real ones. He’d be okay as a pebble, but he’d like to be a boulder on the hill overlooking his house. He’d be big, but he’d behave and not make landslides unless there was bad below. Jeffrey knows … Continue reading

    Haiku: Joanna Weston


    strong coffee before hockey practice — dense fog Joanna M. Weston is married, has two cats, multiple spiders, a herd of deer, and two derelict hen-houses. Her middle-reader, Those Blue Shoes, was published by Clarity House Press, and her poetry collection,  A Summer Father, was published by Frontenac House of Calgary. Her eBook, The Willow Tree Girl, … Continue reading

    Poem: Jude Cowan


    (Pamplemousses) is Not the Only Grapefruit Hallowe’en doesn’t scare. The lotus fountain doesn’t work. Break up the picture and stick it back together with a bit of Bhojpuri left by grandparents. She works to make the present happen with phrases. I ka ha? What to answer? I ka ha? I don’t know. I ka ha? … Continue reading

    (Archive) In Place Live: Tygerburning Literary Journal


    Tygerburning Literary Journal, the journal of the MFA Program at New England College, celebrated the publication of its second issue in June with a reading at New England College. The issue was edited by James Harms and published by Marick Press. Readers featured here are: Jenn Monroe, “To Explain Myself” Janet Barry, “Commentaries” Chard de … Continue reading

    (Archive) Excerpt: Lauren Zuniga


    From The Smell of Good Mud Opening The photographer says she can’t wait until my next “opening.”
I start to correct her and say With poetry, it’s called a reading,
 or a performance or a slam. Then I realize maybe that’s the problem. So I step on my loud and say, “Yes. Please come to my … Continue reading

    Story: Barry Herzog


    Eulogy I imagine that I am in the room where my father died. The room is in the basement of a hospital. It could be a compartment by the boiler room of an ocean liner. Naked water pipes swirl across walls of unadorned grey concrete. Florescent lights glare down from the ceiling. The door is … Continue reading


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