Poem: Leah Browning

There’s Nothing

There’s nothing I can tell you 
that you don’t already know.  

The color of the irises 
in the flower bed outside the window,

the spring of the dog’s paws
against the lawn.

You kissed my throat, 
the insides of my knees.

Sunlight slanted 
through the room.

I can close my eyes now
and feel my back against the wooden floor.

Leah Browning is the author of three nonfiction books for teens and pre-teens (Capstone Press) and two chapbooks of poetry: Picking Cherries in the Española Valley (Dancing Girl Press, 2010) and Making Love to the Same Man for Fifteen Years (Big Table Publishing, 2009). Browning’s fiction, poetry, essays, and articles have previously appeared in a variety of publications including Queen’s Quarterly, 42opus, The Saint Ann’s Review, Blood Orange Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, 971 MENU, Corium Magazine, and Sweet: A Literary Confection, as well as on a broadside from Broadsided Press, on postcards from the program Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf, and in several anthologies. In addition to writing, Browning serves as editor of the Apple Valley Review.

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