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  • In Place: Jacob Dale’s “Bio-Jazz”


    This is the final installment in our series of In Place videos featuring students and faculty from Chester College of New England, the first of what we hope will be many series featuring talent from creative writing programs from around the country. If you would like to find out how your program can become part … Continue reading

    Excerpt: Steven Gillis


    From The Law of Strings The Law of Strings Originally appeared in Joyland Lange sits and watches Eva while she sleeps.  On the floor, in the space between, is a book by Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Towards Quantum Gravity, dislodged from the shelf in the hubbub of Friday, left there as gravity dictates.  Lange can reach Glikman … Continue reading

    Story: Gretchen Stahlman


    This is the Way She Rides the Bike On this bike, a deep blue Trek, a child seat is installed behind the saddle which would not have been necessary had a Korean mother not trusted her baby to be raised by my sister. Their joint son, Simon, wears a helmet, white with a yellow stripe … Continue reading

    Haiku: Rich Boucher


    You are an exam. A quiz I fail like a fool in love’s dim classroom. Rich Boucher has published four chapbooks of poetry and once hosted poetry slam in Newark, Delaware. Since moving to Albuquerque, NM in 2008, Rich has performed all over Duke City, and his poems have appeared in Adobe Walls: An Anthology … Continue reading

    Poem: Savannah Thorne


    Doina A type of traditional Romanian melody They load the dead On low trundles at night, Laden with stones So that they will not walk again. The cold white of dead faces In moonlight by the dark-powered Danube— The cart squeaks and thuds, stops, Throbs over mud as thick as tied sacks. The fierce blood … Continue reading

    In Place: Meg Cameron’s “Emulsion”


    Extract(s) is proud to offer a poem from its very own Meg Cameron as the sixth installment in our series of In Place videos featuring students from Chester College of New England. This series is just the first of what we hope will be many showcasing creative writing programs and groups. If you are interested … Continue reading

    Excerpt: Matt Mullins


    From Three Ways of the Saw The Way I See It The door was unlocked at his apartment when I showed up earlier tonight; I came in on him fresh out of the shower and offered him a beer. When he grabbed for the can, his towel came loose, and the stubbed right arm started … Continue reading

    Story: Cezarija Abartis


    Pamplona The bull charges at Kevin and flips him into the boiling air. The photograph shows an ordinary expression: focused but not anguished. In his black canvas shoes, he floats–as if he is bending and doing a sidekick in karate class. He is thinking as he falls to the earth: that he will never see … Continue reading

    Haiku: Chaitali Banerjee


    I long for you in fragrant summer breeze under the lemon tree. Chaitali Banerjee lives in Niskayuna, NY. She writes travel narratives, essays and short poems. Her work has appeared in Orion Magazine’s The Place Where You Live.

    Poem: W.F. Lantry


    Exchange The least of gifts, these roses, a few words, seeds of ipomea, tobacco, flax and photos of a countryside, my love, what voice renews these slender links of ours, how long until our springs converge, this thought becomes my hands, or body’s gift to you consider then, like home, this continent, sage hills, or … Continue reading


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